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Greetings from Northern California


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 I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the community here at 308AR.com. My name is Paul (arcangel167) and I'm new to the 308 caliber of AR's. A bit of background on me, born and raised in Santa Clara until the age of 16 when my folks decided to move to Corning California (can you say "culture shock") now reside in Redding California where I landed after highschool and never left. My Dad had all of us kids shooting since the time we could stand up and I've been an avid shooter/outdoor enthusiast all my life. Started building AR's about 3 years ago and haven't been able to kick the habit since. Have 3 AR's currently built on 5.56 platforms in various configurations (CQB, mid range, light weight) and am now venturing into the larger bore rifles in the hopes of reaching out to longer ranges, testing both my shooting abilities and bank account worthiness. I've either built or modified all of the firearms I own in one way or another and am looking forward to building a 308 to add to the family. Hope to gain some valuable insight and assistance here as I begin this new phase of my firearms adventures.










Current firearms owned:

3 AR's built on 5.56 platforms

Customized 870 

Customized Glock Model 22

Sporterized Mosin Nagant

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Thanks Robo, and I'm totally on board for a get together in the Sac area. Read several other posts today stating there's a nice range there somewhere in or around Sacramento, would like to get the toys out there and let them stretch their legs  :)) I get down there regularly for business and my daughter lives there as well so doing a weekend would be easy. Thanks again for your help and I'll be sure to pack the 870  <thumbsup>



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Damn Norcal'ers. Welcome from way south of you but still in the disappointing ten round bullet button state. However, I think that those two things save me a ton of cash when I do get to take the 308AR out.

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Thanks guys, been busy the last couple days so just now catching up.


 Bubba I get down that way regularly, I'm thinking we're going to have to set a date once I get my 308 completed and get all us "Norcal" guys or anyone else who wants to attend together for a shoot. I can't think of a better way to christen the big bore than with a day at the range with a bunch of other "enthusiasts"  <thumbsup>


Jon, thanks for the welcome. Hope to pass through your beautiful state on my way to Texas if/when I can arrange a trip to visit a friend of mine living outside of Fort Worth. 


BLKSheep, thanks, the Mosin was my first real attempt to "modify" (see cut/grind/drill) a firearm. Building AR's and bolting/changing out parts on my Glock and 870 has been fun, but the Mosin was a "well, can't go back once I do this" moment. I've built cars and motorcycles over the years from the ground up so it was only natural to want to put power tools to a gun. The Mosins are cheap and unless you're a dyed in the wool purist they're alot of fun to modernize & accurize. People think I'm crazy for spending any money on it at all when I could just go buy a Rem 700 and start shooting, but I've always been a "build it vs buy it" kind of guy. I get more enjoyment out of putting something together with my own hands then having someone else do it. Guess that's why this site appealed to me so much, seems like alot of people here are of the same mindset. 





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