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Scoping a DPMS Sportical

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I have a DPMS Sportical 308 lr.Im planning on putting a Leupold  Vari-X 3 3.5-10 x 40 mm LR M3 on it.In 2012 I sent the scope into Leupold to have it checked out and have it converted to M5 Windage Adj/M5 Elevation Adj.They also replaced main tube Along with Mechanical and internal inspection.Question is what mounts are good,without breaking the bank.Was looking at a burris p.e.p.r.

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Derp... My bad...I should have better read it. 


The PEPR is good but I found that the additional top rail mount is a little high if you want to put a mini RDS on it. I have my RDS mounted, angled 45 degrees to the right using a weaver scope mount. Using the RDS is easier since I can maintain my cheek weld and just tilt the rifle slightly to the left. With the top mounted RDS, I had to lift my head off the cheek weld to use it.


If you're trying to hit long range targets, a mount with a 20 MOA angle will give you some additional elevation. If you're not intending to mount/unmount the scope at all ,I'd recommend the Nikon M-Series XR range (they now come in 1" and 30mm sizes). They cost under $90 and come with a 20 MOA cant, but the only drawback is you cannot unmount it and re-mount it without needing to re-zero.


I'm currently running a weaver 20moa riser with Leupold QRW "low" 30mm rings so I can switch stuff around quickly without needing a re-zero.

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Ive got the Burris on two rifles,but I like the Rock river better,and use the built in 20 moa on the other two

it all comes down to the initial mounting for accuracy...use the wheeler fat torque screwdriver and a gun cradle...a bubble level on the rifle rail...then the segway reticle leveler on the scope :) Wash

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