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NRA membership


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did the $300 lifetime upgrade last year...  best investment I've done in awhile. I don't always agree with the NRA, but no one else has the clout to fight for us. There are other organizations (also joined GOA) but none come to the power the NRA has.


Remember this…it took the Heller case to get the NRA-ILA off their asses.  Quite literally for decades, the NRA said the biggest mistake anyone could do is challenge laws under the 2nd Amendment.  Because of this attitude/practice, the Heller team wanted no help from NRA-ILA (and from the orginization's statements at the time, they didn't want to give it), being advised and run by people from GOA and CKRBA.


The NRA-ILA didn't change their tune until it became QUITE clear due to statements from various SC Justices, that Heller had a chance in hell of success.  Only at that point did they try butting into the case, which was still refused by team Heller.


But afterwards the 800# gorilla sure took credit for the Heller decision.


While at this point in time the NRA-ILA seems repentant, the current leadership is entrenched and has a long history of screwing over the base membership (going back and prior to the coup where Neal Knox was ousted in the late 1970s).  If Knox and his supporters had their way, the D.C. gun ban would've been challenged under SCOTUS while Reagan was in his first term, with the NRA leading the way (no -ILA back then).


They need to be watched just as closely as "our best bets" in politics…and trusted maybe just a little more.  But after their support for the Brady provisions and AW ban in the '90s they crushed my faith in themselves.  And their statements of "This is the best deal we're going to get, so live with it," is the same elitist hyperbole the GOP has been shoving down our throats with "moderate" candidates and changing rules on the convention floor.


Our shooting club has ruled that under no circumstances will we ever accept the tightly bound "grants" from the NRA…as that really brings out the 800# gorilla's bully character.  Ask clubs that have taken that pill, ask them how satisfied they are with their NRA association now.


They may be "our best bet"…but only after the little guys did the work.

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