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Great Customer Service


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I love great customer service, and I will always support a company that shows stellar CS.


Brownells and Rainier Arms have always been my "go to" companies.


Brownells is always good about returns with no questions asked. I love them for that. I also love that they ALWAYS answer the phone and I can talk to an actual HUMAN BEING.


A few years ago I ordered a stainless steel match barrel from Rainier Arms. They sent me a black barrel instead of the s/s barrel I ordered. They emailed me a return shipping label the day I called them, and immediately overnighted a new barrel to me. I sent the first barrel back that afternoon and had a new barrel in my hands the following afternoon. WHO WORKS ON THE HONOR SYSTEM ANY MORE? ??? RAINIER ARMS does, that's who!


Today I had another great experience, this time with DSGArms.com (excerpt from my email this morning)


I have the correct color headed your way with a return label to send me the incorrect ones.
Let me know if you have any questions,

-----Original Message-----
From: robocop1051
To: sales@dsgarms.com
Date: 23 Nov 2013 09:05:38 -0600
Subject: Return Request For DSG Arms

Return Request

Item Description: MAGPUL 3 Pack of Original Magpuls - 5.56 - Foliage Green
Reason for Return: I received the wrong item; incorrect item was shipped
Replacement?: Yes
Comments: I ordered the "Foliage Green", but I was sent the "Olive Drab" instead. It's an honest mistake. I would just like to exchange for the correct color. Thank you.
Agreed to Return Policy: True


The honor system again?!?! Who would have thought that companies would actually carry out this practice? I understand that I'm only dealing with about $10 worth of product... but the practice is impressive no matter what the value it.


I'm so appreciative that I'm making another DSG order today... just because!

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    My Dad started buying from Brownells in the 1950's,   I started to buy from them in the late 60's,  Actually got to meet the "origional"  Bob Brownell in the mid 70's at the  NRA show in San Diego ,Calif.

      We struck it off, and he and I went to dinner together.   Talked a LOT!!!LOL!!

    He told me, his basic business plan was to make the customer happy!  If he got 2, ,count them TWO complaints on an item, it was dropped from the catalogue!

   I asked him hat he did when the customer was wrong.  He replied that the customer was NEVER wrong!!!

   I don't know about anybody else, but its 50 years later, and I just put in an order this morning.



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I hear ya, brother.  DSG Arms is very, very good with the honor system, for many customers.
Back in 2010, I ordered a 16" midlength 5.56 barrel from them - an Armalite barrel.  They sent me a 20" barrel by mistake.  I called them and stated that this rifle "had to be together and test fired by the end of the week," and I was in a time crunch.  They overnighted me the correct barrel.  Included in that box was the return shipping label for the incorrect barrel.
So, they weren't concerned that they didn't have their stuff back first, before shipping out the other.  Very cool.  Their instructions were: unpack the correct barrel tomorrow when you receive it.  Place the incorrect barrel back into that box, stick the label on it, and have UPS pick it up when they can.
No core deposit, I didn't pay any extra, and didn't have to get pissed off at anyone, at all.  They handled that perfectly.  I've heard that from many people, but that's how it went for me.  They're great.  <thumbsup>
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