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Buffer Spring Noise


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A friend of mine has DPMS AP4 LR308, I currently have 200 rounds through it. It seems the buffer spring makes a lot of noise during it's function. I have a LR308B and doesn't make a fraction of the noise. It has well over a thousand rounds through it. They both have as issued buffers and springs. Is there anything that can be done or some kind of additive that can be used to possibly quiet it down. Would the round count make a difference? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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Little bit of grease on the coils on the buffer spring. Takes some of it out.


The noise isn't bad.  It means your rifle is operating. 


Also, buttstock-wise (buffer system-wise), you have a rifle-length spring system, and your friend is running a carbine system with collapsible stock - the carbine systems always make more noise than the rifle systems, even in M-16s amd M4s issued to the military...

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I take a little CLP and put a thin coat on the buffer, spring and a light coat on the inside of the buffer, just dont load it down with oil.  I run a Spikes T-2 buffer on my M-4 and I use a slash hheavy buffer and spring on my AR-10, no spring noise at all. 

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Tubbs flatwire and some grease....a lil dab will do ya......the bonk means you are good to go for the next shot mostly.........although it sounds back azzwords to me.......the rifle stock make more noise cause my ear is real close with the proper cheek weld.....the car stocks I never hear at all....hmmmmmm

:) Wash

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