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Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50

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Yesterday the UPS left this on my porch post-12828-0-09204700-1399068794_thumb.j  :))  Gee I wounder what it could be post-12828-0-61653800-1399068809_thumb.j post-12828-0-37413600-1399068851_thumb.j Well Bushnell put some good packing in there I just wish who ever packed it would of put some under the scope instead of all on top. But UPS came through and no damage to the outer carton at all. Well lets see what we have here post-12828-0-48369500-1399068891_thumb.j post-12828-0-45359000-1399068994_thumb.j As you can see the scope came with a 3" sun shield, user instructions, mil dot instructions and registration card with some adds.


Now its time to take the old Weaver Kaspa scope off the rifle and this is why post-12828-0-19511600-1399070750_thumb.j If you can see my glass is speckled with some dirt or something and the turrets are mushy and you can hardly feel the clicks so it had to go. 


After taking off the old scope I cleaned the mount with some mineral spirits and started the mounting process post-12828-0-76477300-1399070713_thumb.j You may notice in the pic a tube of RTV, I use this to fill any low spots or voids between the scope and rings. I got my eye relief set and leveled the scope. post-12828-0-48330000-1399072136_thumb.j post-12828-0-53884200-1399072238_thumb.j


After getting the scope mounted to the rifle I all I have to say is wow the eye relief is so much better than use to that it may take some time to get use to and how much more forward that I had move the mount on the rails just to get the full view in the scope this should reduce eye strain which is a plus. The glass is clear and bright and fit and finish is great. The turrets are covered with dust caps which is fine for me and the adjustments are firm with an audible click no mushiness here. The turret towers are indexed so resetting to zero without getting lost should be a lot easier post-12828-0-76204800-1399073625_thumb.j After sighting in and to reset zero you pull up on the turret knob then it free wheel so you can do this. The instructions make no mention of how to do this  ???


Over all I am very pleased with this scope so far and can't wait until tomorrow to go and sight it in thats it for now. Did you make it through this long post <munch>  


post-12828-0-48969500-1399074248_thumb.j post-12828-0-95599700-1399074272_thumb.j  





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A scope ring lapping kit works wonders on rings for mount to scope fitment & there are a couple that won't break the bank. I have never used any sealant on rings to scope, for fitment . 

Did this years ago when I had trouble with some rings and been doing it ever since, probably more out of habit now than anything. When I pulled the Weaver there didn't appear to be any RTV left in the rings so maybe it doesn't need any since these were better rings to begin with.




I really like all your pix in this post and how you handled the whole thing. Great example of how to make great posts.

Thanks gnatshooter

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