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JP Large-Profile Muzzle Brake

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I am offering for sale a JP Bennie Cooley Large-Profile muzzle brake for a .308. It's also called a 'compensator'. You can check out the specs here.


According to the makers, at the same link, this brake offers the "same recoil reduction and neutrality that characterized the original JP Recoil Eliminator".


I have run about a dozen rounds through this brake. It works amazingly well, totally taming the recoil, just as advertised. Concussion is something else.


Now I personally decided on using the Kaw Valley Linear Compensator instead, because I want to use the rifle for hunting without ear protection. I'm willing to put up with the extra recoil -- so this JP Cooley unit is for sale to someone who puts a priority on gentle recoil.


So, if you buy this you have to promise you will always use ear protection. The back-blast is terrific. Please also note that this brake is not certifiable for competition use. It is more than an inch in diameter (1.20") and therefore breaks the 1" x 3" rule.


I would be keeping and using this brake, because its ability to tame down the recoil of a .308 is awesome, but I don't want the hassle of earmuffs while hunting. With muffs, on the shooting range, is the place for this brake.


I am asking $70 for the unit -- a discount for buddies and buddettes here.


Included, for free, is a crush washer so you can 'clock' the brake on your muzzle. It has a top, and a bottom. The top is ported upwards to reduce muzzle climb, and the bottom is blocked off so that it doesn't churn up sand and dust below the muzzle at your position.


Here's a pic, with a .308 cartridge for scale. :




Payment will be via PayPal, which works like a charm. I will cover the cost of shipping, which includes parcel tracking, so you can follow your delivery on the 'net.  PM me.

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Okay, I need some advice here from long-time members. I got this totally awesome muzzle brake for sale that will blow the ears off an elephant, but a rifle equipped with this brake will only give you a gentle nudge to remind you not to take a nap while shooting.


Is it possible that I did the Too Much Information (TMI) on that thang? It's the penultimate.


I look forward to hearing some advice on how to sell a majorly efficient muzzle brake.

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Lot of guys on here seem to like compensator over the brakes for some reason. Believe it or not but from most of our testing up here with farkle, Most are about the same range from the side and behind. its just most brakes get a bad wrap do to everyone saying how much louder they are. I believe its because many go from no device to a brake and yes that will be a huge difference but from our testing (kac, battle comp, jp bc, and others) they only vary 1-3 db from each other. Considering I have no clue when my next fire fight or cqb will be with a 14lb 308, ill stick to my JB BC brake for the comfort of recoil. I wear electronic muffs anyways when I hunt so no biggie. Its a good brake for anyone that is interested; my 223 bolt rifle kick harder than my 308ar

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I think brakes are better but people seem really concerned about what others at the range think..... As they say...... In the fucking neck bitches! I don't give a rats ass if it my cry babies not want to sit next to me. Go code 92 somewhere else!

Just tell them you're killing mosquitoes!

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seriously. it's a shooting range. if my gun is too loud for someone, they can either move down a bench, or just put their big boy pants on and suck it up.

as far as sale advice? list it several places. eventually someone will find it that wants one. otherwise drop the price as low as you can stand to convince someone they want it.

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Now why didn't you post this when you had the upper for sale? ....and you had to wait till I had already ordered the PWS.



I wanted to thoroughly test the Kaw Valley Linear Compensator before selling the Cooley brake. If the compensator had not dealt with muzzle blast effectively, I would have stuck with the Cooley brake and settled on hunting with earmuffs on. But I couldn't do that until I had swapped out the upper receiver and installed the iron sights that go with it.


You might also mention the o.d. since they list three different sizes.


The brake's o.d. on the far end is 1.2". On the nearer end, where it attaches to the barrel, it measures 0.75". It looks visually fine on the muzzle of the DPMS LR-308T, which measures 0.72". Its matte black (possibly phosphated) finish is a close match to the LR-308T's black teflon.

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