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Jebbuhdiah Dean

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  1. Thanks all for the warm welcome - I'll try to earn it! Really cool community you have here. Since many stated their State, I am from Michigan, currently in Commiefornia (although really that is "only" the urban centers), lifetime member of the CRPA, and with any luck will be heading out from the west-coast.
  2. Great suggestion, @jtallen83, thank you - I just ordered a go/no-go pair. Really good site to know about in general too with all those books and such on there.
  3. Thanks everyone - I have calipers so perhaps, I could just check the ZPV ones carefully.
  4. Thanks - even at Eabco.net, the .308 Win go-gauge Forster is out of stock: Part Number: 304-HG0243G I have the no-go Forster, just need the go Forster.
  5. Can’t seem to find a matching pair of .308 Win headspace gauges except from Z.P.V. Proizvodnja. Anybody have experience with that brand?
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