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  1. jrtmasp


    Absolutely. One thing after another. Seems like I never sit down and relax in my office and just read so much of the great stuff here. Thank you! Would love to visit again real soon. I think about it quite often. Most fun I’ve ever had shooting. Already know there’s a lot more than just beer 😉
  2. jrtmasp


    I’m lurking around 👀. Lots going on personally and I always regret not jumping on here more often. It’s all good though. You guys rock.
  3. If you call, I come a-running. All is well. Just doing a bunch of renovation stuff around my house so that eats up a lot of my free time. Recently bought my first 1911 so I’m happy about that.
  4. Sorry, brother...I’m a sh*t when it comes to keeping up online. The dog from Up..that’s me. If I lived close to many of you guys, we’d probably be grabbing a beer and grilling all the time.
  5. We should have brought watermelons out! A little love in honor of the Desert Eagle. 0BA1FACF-B4CD-427A-B198-26CD858C620D.MOV
  6. Not sure if this is a game changer as the video suggests but it's an interesting option, especially for red dots. Thoughts? https://www.full30.com/video/9652c5d1494290b9b05f3be3c41a8fba http://axeonoptics.com/second-zero/?gclid=CjwKCAiAt4rfBRBKEiwAC678KRBS7CsBoEzbOPolp8EH2Q4h0Lr8uvlvhj0OHreCvkORvDRTTZZfWRoCw3MQAvD_BwE
  7. Some more pics: The Precious...one will be mine soon. Mosquito breeding ground @98Z5V you spent more time with your toy than any firearm! That bipod....
  8. I was raised near a nuclear power plant so that might explain a lot. Robo can put me in his first magazine article to sell that beast as a compact rifle!
  9. I had a fun time with you guys and would like to thank you. You're a great group of people with a lot of knowledge and who know how to have a good time. Oh and the food...damn good job there as well.
  10. Should I bring my new toy or will a shot timer be fairly useless with how things are planned?
  11. Awesome, thanks for the offer. I'll definitely let you know. Should have times locked down this weekend.
  12. I'm a definite now but rely on my wife and her flight benefits to book which happens 24 hours prior for standby. I'm going for the 17th and leaving on the 21st. Times are still up in the air.
  13. Very popular holsters. The only gripe I’ve heard of with certain models is they need loctite but you can say that about a lot of holsters and screws loosening up.
  14. I appreciate the advice and I have heard of them. Seem to be regarded well. I liked N82 in the past with the retention design and comfortable material but there’s a bit too much of it for my liking plus I prefer a combat cut for more grip clearance.
  15. I wanted to give a heads-up to anyone searching for a quality IWB holster. Check out Stealth Gear. I recently bought my second holster from them and couldn't be happier. It's literally the most comfortable IWB I've ever tried. I can't offer any insight into their OWB holster (yet). Over the past year, I've bought two of their more expensive VentCore models and their double and single mag carriers. All are very well made, have a tight fit w/o retention devices, and seat close to the body to avoid printing as much as possible. IMO they put N82 and Crossbreed to shame. Crossbreed has fallen off quite a bit with their quality anyways. I've also had a few G-Code holsters and many other "high-end" holsters and they don't compare. I've had bad customer service experiences with G-Code so they are on my sh*tlist anyways. One catch to SG is they aren't cheap. I'd say they are about $20 or more overpriced but buy once cry once. However, they constantly offer coupon codes that are 15-25% off. By constantly, I mean on a near weekly basis if you sign up for their email. Any other good recommendations people have found for IWB holsters? Good luck.
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