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  1. OP, I hope you got it. There was a pickup around here with a 'Chey Tac' license plate.
  2. What barrels (Manufacturers) are recommended now? I built a nice one on a Faxon barrel a couple of years ago and got talked out of it.
  3. Amazon has it. It looks too good to not buy it!
  4. I have to tag this thread. Just because.
  5. Yes. I considered trying to deepen the pockets uniformly but it's not worth the trouble.
  6. I have a box of LC brass that has different depths of primer pocket. Some standard primers seated fully extend out beyond the base of the case.
  7. Beachmaster, I have, among the lowers I've puttered through, a couple of poly ar lowers. A cavarms and another- forget the name. The whole complete lower with poly hammer, trigger, lower and such was about $100 back when parts and lowers were really high. I haven't beaten any of them to death. Low round counts but so far they still are intact. I bought them just as a lark. But for the wife I'd go with something I had more confidence in, like aluminum.
  8. Group buy may be over but the link still is active.
  9. Gee. I just finally read the - THAT- thread as I'm a sensitive fellow and generally don't like to be bothered by, uhh, poo. (So called call out threads) THAT thread looked like it would not be a nice and pleasant thread Boy, that's the truth. Somebody is wound pretty tight. Anyway Mr. Riedeman has proven to be one stand up guy. Now, just to show my appreciation for his stand-up-ness maybe I should take advantage of him (that doesn't seem right) and buy some more parts.
  10. You'll like the FAL. It doesn't seem to me to be as accurate as an AR type, but it is very soft in recoil and a pleasure to shoot..
  11. Anybody here use the Copper Star range in Cottonwood? 100 yards indoor.
  12. I have an unused Pacific Tool 375 H&H finish chambering reamer for sale. Bought it for a project I'll just never get to. $80 mailed U.S.
  13. Has anybody tried the Ruger replacement triggers? Or has one actually been seen? http://ruger.com/micros/AR-Trigger/
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