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Everything posted by Jetdoc

  1. Yes, sir, I reload my 45-70s. I did consider the 45-100 and the 45-110 before placing my order. 45-100 cases can be bought but are expensive, Starline has them. As for 45-110, they're like the holy grail, good luck in finding them.
  2. If I buy anymore, it will be for my bolt action 308. As I said, it was a Friday night experiment, and It worked. I'll stick to the recipe my rifle likes.
  3. Cases are difficult to find, and when you do $$$$$. I want to shoot, 45-70 cases are abundant and reasonable in price check this out .... https://www.buffaloarms.com/45-110-45x2-7-8-sharps-425-grain-lead-fn-black-powder-ammunition-box-of-20-amobp45278425 https://www.buffaloarms.com/45-110-45x2-7-8-sharps-reformed-cases-45278
  4. Yep, seen it more than once. My rifle is similar; I had it chambered in 45-70 without all the bells and whistles of the movie replica. Its a tack driver.
  5. This chick makes me wanna go buy more cigars!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8BV6O6aGFA&t=431s
  6. Welcome from Az, I'm a transplant from Illinois. GET OUT while you still can!!!
  7. Welcome from the AZ territory.
  8. Jetdoc

    Baba Yaga

    JT....So far she likes 44 grns of BL-C (2) and 168grn Sierra HPBT pills. Maybe there's something better but I'm having too much fun now to give a dam. 😎
  9. Jetdoc

    Baba Yaga

    🤙 Thanks, BF I'm diggin it.
  10. Jetdoc

    Baba Yaga

    Well, I know I have the bug. I replaced the scope and charging handle. The Nightforce is great but my eyes were having a difficult time focusing. Heading to Payson tomorrow for some shooting.
  11. Well, I know this is an old topic. I bought four boxes of this stuff a while ago without knowledge of this thread. My rifle hated this stuff. I have a rifle length gas tube too. It would fire the initial round and jam. Since I reload, I figured what the hell, pull the bullets and do a little experimenting. The factory load of powder is 46 grns; I loaded 20 with 44.5 and another 20 with 43 grns last night using the Top secret stuff I dumped from the cases. This morning I went to the range to just to see if the rifle would cycle, good news.... It cycles both rounds, and I was hitting steel on the 300yrd line. I didn't stick around to check accuracy on paper. I was just curious to see if I corrected the cycling issue. My experiment was a success to that extent. Before you ask, I was bored and felt like a mad scientist last night. 🧐
  12. you're welcome Wash! 🤙 Its a tack driver as well. Faxon in a great company and stand behind their product.
  13. Sorry for the delay... The barrel is 7.5 made by Faxon and its a holosun red dot
  14. Hey Wash, What would you like to know? Ive been out of the country for the past 8 weeks.
  15. it was Sunday moring.....no coffee , jees. I didn't even look at the date of the OP post.
  16. If you're set for a short barrel, why not do a pistol build? No NFA crap period? Just saying. I was also going to build a SBR in 300 BLK but after some research and thinking, I made a pistol. Glad I did, and it looks very similar to a SBR.
  17. Hi Sketch..It's an Atlas. I built all three of them. Then I was bitten by the 308 AR Bug. There's a thread in the 308 build forum on that one too. https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/bipods-monopods-amp-accessories/bipods/atlas-bipod-picatinny-mount-prod55563.aspx
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