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  1. Random thought. From your last post/update and description I felt the need to chim in. What your last post describes to me is not a mag problem if it loaded a new round. I had a bad disconnecter in a lower parts kit a while back. It wouldn't let the trigger hold and reset itself but would do just what your saying. A round was chambered but trigger was already released due to not resetting. I had a single shot rifle and that's what I found. Swapped the disconnecter out with another one at home and boom! It worked.
  2. I did. The picture angle made it look much worse. it's off the rifle now and when I get done with all my other projects and work I might try to fix it. doubt it though. im not excited to dick with this. Only strike indistries stuff I've bought are ar15 charging handles and this does it for me. Might pawn this off on a friend who'd use it. Idea of it is great but I will buy a SLR or Superlative block next.
  3. I definitely will give it a shot. Put the gun back to normal for now and will try to dick with it in the coming weeks.
  4. so this thing sucks lol! slowly torquing these tiny torxs down to a mere 10 in/pds and this guy snaps. The pictures angle makes it look worse how its clamping down. I had an even amount of force on all to start but 1 gave out right away. It's honestly not worth it as some have said! I'd need to vice it, then drill this little guy out. I'm sure it will work fine but I'd like it secure as much as possible. This will go in the poop bin of parts for now and moving on to a better adj. block.
  5. Just tested out the 8.5oz 3.25" buffer in my 12.5" 308 with AAC 762 SDN6. Worked great. I had a PWS 6.8oz and it was boarder line too fast bolt speed to cycle. FTE was regular every other few rounds. Without having an adjustable gas block I went heavier buffer. Turned out that made my 2 mag dumps flawless. I would recommend this for an easy fix to a suppressed gun. This might not be the answer to YOUR issues but to skip an adjustable block to work unsuppressed and suppressed I'm glad I spent the cash.
  6. CMMG makes an 11" which I use on my 12.5" barrel. Also look into Cross Machine Tool who makes an 11.9" DPMS high rail.
  7. I think Superlative Arms makes that one.
  8. OK...I have it, not installed yet. Deciding on a future shorter build. How much shorter is usable idk... I'd say 10.5" is the cutoff for realistic power of a 308 but we shall see what I'm feeling. Weighing things out. I'm thinking custom Columbia River Arms barrel at 10.5" carbine length. Gonna need to have this block accessible to adjust so I might do a 9" CMMG MLOK rail and cut a small section of the forend out for ease of adjustment. This isnt set in stone but come the next few weeks I will see how things go.
  9. I ordered one on the weekend sales from Primary Arms. Yet to arrive till next week. I'm gonna give it a go on a 12.5" sbr and report back about its function. It was $71 shipped. Hope it's not future a paper weight...
  10. I saw that and now hesitant. Great idea but clamp style seems to stop ease of adjustment. I dont want to risk getting a bad one amd piss away 90 bucks but tax money is coming... might be worth getting and modifying it somehow to get it right if it sucks. I like to modify and customize stuff all the time and it would be hilarious to call S.I and tell them how to fix thier design.
  11. Ahhh the "Rule". I planned on this happening lol. I was not seeing it in stock very often but hope this block is what in after. I originally wanted to have a setup like Sig has on thier older 5.56 models. only has a couple settings for the gas system to make it simple an your done.
  12. Anyone have any feedback on this adjustable gas block? gonna attempt to do a shorter 308 with my AAC sdn6 and will like an on the fly adjustment. thanks
  13. no longer forsale. keeping it in the stable with the other 2 😉 thanks for looking gents!
  14. Ok, long story short...I like this upper but I'd like to go a different route. If it doesnt sell I wont be heart broken. Great set of parts and 80rds(4 boxes) down pipe. Aero Precision Enhanced upper w/ 15" Mlok aero rail Ballistic Advantage 20" full bull barrel 5/8x24 threads and thread protector included. 936 gas block,aero precision rifle gas tube I'd like to keep the Lantac BCG and Radian raptor charging handle but for the right offer I'd consider it. $550 Assembled Upper NO BCG or CH. buyer pays shipping.($20???) No out of country shipping. contact via email or text/call 928.451.six574 capt.comm@yahoo.com P.S. Anyone have a great shape Daniel Defense 9" or 12" quad rail...I'd like to deal!
  15. I like it more and more when I see the pictures. Interested in what glass your gonna run.
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