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  1. Armalite is where I got both mine. They will most likely be back in stock soon. As stated above get their notification email when it's in stock.
  2. No longer for sale. Using for another project.
  3. Keeping barrel for project after all. No longer up for sale.
  4. I was trying to find more toolcraft info for another build. Glad to hear their this about them.
  5. Bought new 1 year ago to make a pistol. 300rds down pipe est. Went back and forth from barrels so this had been installed 3 times. Barrel nut was very snug sliding on everytime causing cosmetic wear as you can see. No gouging in barrel just poor finish. Gas port is pretty good size so I needed a adj gas block to make it cycle regardless of buffer weight. Not a fan of the cmmg 12.5 anymore. Willing to sell somewhat cheap. $110 shipped to lower 48. Paypal preferred.
  6. Recently bought from another member here with good dealings. But going another route. Barrel is near new as described to me (40 round count). Great shape and I have no issues with it except I like my 16" guns. This while in my possession for a month has not moved from the safe. I'd do a trade for another similar quality 16" black/nitride finished barrel. Sorry NO stainless. Or I'd do $180 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal works for me and I literally can ship this thing asap since USPS is next door to me. Message me for any more questions, pictures or dealings. Thanks
  7. I'm an Aero guy and was interested in a Matrix build but haven't had luck with a reciever set in stock for months anywhere. Anyone find a 308 reciever set up avalible?
  8. Great trigger for the cash. I have a older geissele 4.5lb trigger and the Larue is a bit crisper than the geissele. Good buy.
  9. UPDATE!!! Got my armalite carbine gas tube a few days ago(6 days) and got around to installing it. Shot 20rds down pipe with no headaches. Just feels better to have the proper tube length. I was worried a bit but no ftf or fte. Cycled very well.
  10. Great transaction. Very pleased with the barrel I recieved.
  11. Showing how clean the barrel nut is. No real tooling marks from installing or disassembly. $110 shipped to lower 48.
  12. Hey Sal, I'm interested in a trade/deal. PM sent and hope to hear from ya. Mike aka Chuck
  13. So far..my order from dsg arms hasn't came in...it shipped late and is stuck 2 hrs away. USPS really sucks ass. To be honest it runs great. I shot 2 mags through it over the weekend with no issues like always. I run 147-150gr weights only but would like to try some 168-175gr ammo next for fun. Its a short range gun 0-500yds. I'm guessing the gas port (.082) must be a good size to send enough pressure to cycle the bolt with the shorter gas tube. I also believe the gas tube seats inside the gas key making a seal keeping pressure where it needs to be. I'm going to keep it the way it is.
  14. Great bang for your buck. I have 2 in 308. They are a Armalite gas system. I'd like to try a 6.5 creedmore 24" barrel they have in my current build but might just stick with 308. I can shoot 1 MOA at 100yrds like they claim except I'm using cheap NATO 147gr stuff out of a 16" cut to 14.5". Very pleased for what it is.
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