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  1. no longer forsale. keeping it in the stable with the other 2 😉 thanks for looking gents!
  2. Ok, long story short...I like this upper but I'd like to go a different route. If it doesnt sell I wont be heart broken. Great set of parts and 80rds(4 boxes) down pipe. Aero Precision Enhanced upper w/ 15" Mlok aero rail Ballistic Advantage 20" full bull barrel 5/8x24 threads and thread protector included. 936 gas block,aero precision rifle gas tube I'd like to keep the Lantac BCG and Radian raptor charging handle but for the right offer I'd consider it. $550 Assembled Upper NO BCG or CH. buyer pays shipping.($20???) No out of country shipping. contact via email or text/call 928.451.six574 capt.comm@yahoo.com P.S. Anyone have a great shape Daniel Defense 9" or 12" quad rail...I'd like to deal!
  3. I like it more and more when I see the pictures. Interested in what glass your gonna run.
  4. flippin' awesome! love those DD rails. It's a great mix of modern quad rail and old school A1/A2 stock which I love.
  5. Built this for a friend over year ago. He was convinced he built too heavy a rifle for any backpack hunting. He loved it but is building a bolt action to cover his wants and needs. I did some trading and now this biggin' is mine! bwhahaha! My 3rd AeroP gun and I'm not sure if I want to keep it. Even though I gave him some ideas on parts to get but it's still his build and I'd swap a few parts out. It's just not me to buy a custom rifle. I like building them like most of us do 😉 Aero precision enhanced upper mlok 15" rail 20" bull BA barrel 1/10 twist(.936 GB) Lantac BCG($330!!!) Radian Raptor charging handle POF 3.5lb trigger/KNS trigger pins Luth AR stock/aero rifle buffer kit FAB defense grip
  6. I believe thier barrels are made from a place called hitman indistries. this was from a rep of another company (ABC rifle company)who sold them. I dont think they are bad but was gonna pick up a 12.5 and shorten it to 10.5 due to good prices. Only 1 way to find out..
  7. there's also a A1 stock(old school). it uses the rifle tube but is about 3/4" shorter than the A2. It discards the spacer that the A2 uses. I have both A1 and A2 stocks and it's a slight but noticable differance.
  8. welcome to the board. I'm about 100 miles or so south of you in the Verde Valley. Tons of info on here and great help.
  9. I called them and emailed them to get an answer and they are DPMS extensions. I even told them to make things more clear and pick a side. I dont think they cared.
  10. The new DMR configuration. Got board with the red dot. GG&G quick detach mount with a hand me down Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44.
  11. I vote misaligned gas tube. it happens to the best of us sometimes.
  12. Hera Arms makes only 308 DPMS "Low". Give them a look. I've never used them but notice theirs are LOW
  13. Edge, I got 1 from Armalite direct. Other 2 from primary arms in correct matching bags like what came from Armalite direct. Same part numbers and same color of spring. Just thought it was odd they were different lengths. I had to ask. Thanks
  14. Mine are genuine Armalite and all 3 appear short. All with in 1/2" but definitely short. 35 coils which includes the flat bottom portion as a coil aswell.
  15. What is "spec". Meaning new uncompressed length? I got a new one measuring 13.4". My 2 in service with low life currently are 13.6-13.75".(less than 500rds each)
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