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  1. Robert@FULL30

    Friends of CROM

    Freekin awesome sauce!! bullet of doom is the phrase I think she was searching for
  2. Robert@FULL30

    My AR10T build

    I love it, very sleek look, whats the foregrip and barrel nut? & I have that stock, haven't bought a buffer tube yet, any recommendations for one above another for any reason?
  3. Robert@FULL30

    American Gun Chic and the CROM CR-7 .500 Blackout

    Lets push for it https://www.full30.com/watch/MDE5MTM1/favorite-guns-awesome-people-at-shotshow-2019 https://gunstreamer.com/watch/my-favorite-guns-awesome-people-at-shotshow-2019-crom-500-blackout_yc8JA62pdnEYXXB.html
  4. Robert@FULL30

    Full30 Forum Invite

    Forum is separate from videos, I'd check that first as no new accounts show with your name https://www.full30.com/ vs https://forum.full30.com/ and if you are working with the forum please forward me that email, just add .com to my screen name
  5. Robert@FULL30

    Full30 Forum Invite

    Well, that was then, this is now Thank you all!
  6. Robert@FULL30

    GGGwood Intro!!!

    This is how its supposed to be, Brothers in Arms rather than pin heads in groups, Welcome!
  7. Robert@FULL30

    GGGwood Intro!!!

    United We Stand!
  8. Robert@FULL30

    What are you listening to?

    Glen Benton's brothers band?
  9. Robert@FULL30

    What are you listening to?

    Angry music makes me happy! Happy music makes me: Sing along!
  10. Robert@FULL30

    What are you listening to?

    I've cranked that on my FLH a few times!!
  11. Robert@FULL30

    Sooo Hi from NIdaho

    whoowhahuhwherewhadyasay? sorry, gtg
  12. Robert@FULL30

    I won something !

    I read this 20 minutes ago and figured I should come back and thank you for it stuck in my head
  13. Robert@FULL30

    From Tennessee, happy to join this group!

    Ever find yourself in need hit the auto parts store for valve grinding compound sounds like a nice rifle in the works!!
  14. Robert@FULL30

    Sooo Hi from NIdaho

    Hear that guys! Hookers and drinks on @SpairParts !!