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  1. thinks to self, sure, first the epstein ban from those unmentionable forums... then my feelers epstein themselves here..... yes, friendship is not inherent in firearms ownership but comes from genuine people with true character a warm heart and awareness of the golden rule, I'm fortunate to have found that here
  2. yes, it is how you describe, most wouldn't even offer an Epstein PM offering condolences to hear I had banned ☠️ myself , or ask me how I locked myself out, or made some of my threads disappear It was helpful to pull me out of a self induced delusion we all have each others backs why'd you bring this up Doc ☹️ /waterworks nice the little alert thing worked this time ☺️
  3. Happy Thanksgiving from FULL30 to 308AR !!
  4. pretty sure there were 400 when I first seen this, or more
  5. I'm happy the notification worked as that was LOL
  6. sure speaks volumes for the caliber and platform, great job!
  7. ah, missed this, I'd like 2 for sure, a bit tapped at the moment prepping for winter, we're pretty over spent that's for sure livin the dream
  8. No bro, I bought 2 but just sitting on them now, and yes, I'd love to buy some ready to go gas tubes for both of them
  9. 20 left today, I believe there were 400 when I first seen this
  10. Got two with that exact plan in mind, they are very impressive looking
  11. Where's this hidden? Great interview https://www.full30.com/watch/MDIxMTk3/crom-condition-red-ordnance-manufacturing-the-500-blackout---firearm-friday no idea how to post it @help!
  12. Despite wind, temp, & scores, sounds fun! Happy the 308 is running, keep us updated on the dial in
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