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  1. Despite wind, temp, & scores, sounds fun! Happy the 308 is running, keep us updated on the dial in
  2. Looks good to me and will only get better!
  3. The assault here is the ban. @308wiki you are in the trenches , thank you very much for your reports.
  4. Robert@FULL30

    Hunting pics

    The guy that broke 308ar?
  5. Can you visually see differences in the bolts/extractors/breech face anything?
  6. Fantastic photos, certainly looks cured, and a 4 penny nail, nice
  7. Welcome, This is the place for 308AR advice no doubt, as well as firearms fellowship, comradery, patriotism and brotherhood. (pause for anthem) sorry, back to the rifle, since you've ordered a gas tube we shouldn't have to wait to long to know if thats the culprit, I'm looking forward to your report ☺️
  8. Hate to admit... took me a minute
  9. (thinks to self) hmmm...search for popcorn gif or for a phantom....
  10. Thats something I'd like to see more of in the firearms world, salute.
  11. I asked him to focus...all I heard was squirrel and poof, he was gone
  12. Freekin awesome sauce!! bullet of doom is the phrase I think she was searching for
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