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  1. GOD SAVE FULL30! And yes its been a gradual transition with a few people in the know for the duration, its really no small thing and slow and steady has been the mantra the entire time I've been involved, sometimes frustrating and a genuine lesson in patience. I believe in the platform, the necessity for it and invite everyone including those who've given up or have other gripes to bury the hatchet and join in, united we stand!
  2. This does sadden me as Austin is a true patriot, I wouldn't expect this is the last you'll hear from him though, As for FULL30 I am actively in pursuit of advertisers so that we can expand and appreciate all the help our 308AR brothers can offer. https://forum.full30.com/t/2020-adverting-hunt/15632 Heads up soldiers!
  3. Make it available for me to download
  4. If you've got the gear put together a video for me to upload on FULL30 , do some nice close ups, rifle, ammo, some good editing on shooting it, don't forget black socks and Barry White background music
  5. damn it! fell for an email click bait
  6. Socialize, eat meat, shoot guns.... fhew, IDK seems likely illegal in more than a few states
  7. I've nothing but respect for how everyone in this community fellowships with us and the deepest respect for @Magwa for his generosity and answering the call, It was not easy to bring this cause to his attention until I did, at that point Mike made it easy, Thank you Mike! For those who didn't get to win the last auction here's a raffle chance, better odds? IDK, but, easier to help perhaps as you are entered simply by donation Please visit the video page, https://www.full30.com/watch/MDIzMjY4/whatever-the-stone-gives-me-knife-raffle no need to make this play here guys
  8. That I can do, and the Mrs would praise me if it equaled 12 minutes ...
  9. Made it to 12 minutes Personally, I'd expect more people to tow the line and jackboot their fellow mans throat at the request of their masters. Why, power for one, security for another, if someone has a home, career, family, possessions they'll be apt to safeguard those first, if they have nothing they'll be ore apt to go for the patriot underground all conjecture of course, recipe for civil war
  10. Very commendable, what you guys manage to pull together, I'd have tried gunbroker and likely not done near as well, sorry we didn't have any bidders spill over, @W.E.G. would this suit the falfiles?
  11. Well if its not April 1st then it must be.... It slices it dices its the new highlander 2020 ⚔️ very frightening stuff, clearly the missile alone would pulverize anyone it hit but someone at Ginsu, Wonder-knife or Nutrislicer co. had an in with the DOD and BAM, the new highlander 2020 is launched (pun intended)
  12. thinks to self, sure, first the epstein ban from those unmentionable forums... then my feelers epstein themselves here..... yes, friendship is not inherent in firearms ownership but comes from genuine people with true character a warm heart and awareness of the golden rule, I'm fortunate to have found that here
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