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  1. Good lookin out brother, I might have to grab a 2nd. That’s a good price too, I think I paid just under a 100 for that one. I’ve heard mixed reviews from some people on OLights, but mine has held up well, it’s bright as shitt too.
  2. Yeah, it came together quick once you helped me find the parts.
  3. That’s nuts, Sig seems to get absolutely every contract possible. I’ve heard good things about their optics, but I find it hard to believe they’re better than Trijicon, Nightforce, or any of the other big names you can think of. Unless they’re doing the same thing they did with the 320 and just giving them away to the Army.
  4. Got it put together today, had some odd issues with the striker binding in place. Took me a while to figure out what it was, cause it was binding in the forward position. Since it was bound, the trigger couldn’t reset causing the whole slide to bind on the close stroke, pretty odd. I think maybe the striker channel liner was slightly out of spec? I took the striker out multiple times and the issue kept happening. I finally jammed the channel liner tool in the slide and kind of wiggled it around, seeing if I could work out whatever the issue was. Maybe it was a chunk of crap in the channel? Not sure. Either way, got it resolved and it seems good to go now. Aim surplus slide in “Sniper Gray”, comes with RMR cut and the cover plate for right around $200. Hard to beat that. Barrel is by Spinta Precision, big shout out to @MikedaddyH for putting me onto both. Mostly OEM internals I got thru KMTactical. Still need to put sights on it, and will probably transfer my Holosun red dot to it. I’d love to go function test it, but I don’t really have a spot to, short of just driving out of town and shooting into a hill side.
  5. I really hope that story is true, that bitch needs to be reminded constantly what she did
  6. Damn, that sucks big time. Does that mean 7 days a week as well? Or just no extra days off? Either way that sucks big time. I keep toying with the idea of joining the local PD, it’s something I’ve thought about dating back to high school. Hearing stuff like that though, makes me wonder if I’d be crazy to do that in the present climate.
  7. Yeah, I’m really over this year myself. I don’t give a rats as$ about the ‘Rona, that’s all nonsense, but all the other complications this year has from the masses being terrified. Fuk it’s brutal. Oh, and never miss an opportunity to jump on Ron for no reason, it’s character building. Granted he’s already got plenty of character
  8. I’m not 100% sure yet, but this year is just difficult. I definitely want to come, had an absolute blast last year, but circumstances are moving against me. My wife just started a new job a few weeks back, and that’s causing all sorts of complications with what to do with the kids each day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice having that second income after over 4 years, but with school only being 2 days a week it makes things hard currently. I don’t know that I can get away for a week without making her life miserable. As for Kate, she also just started a job pretty recently, and they aren’t gonna approve a week off yet. She said she could get like 2 days, but being a 12 hour drive, I don’t how she’ll get down this year. I know both of us want to come, even if Ron punts on this year, but I think the chances are getting slimmer. Back to business on the Glock front, @MikedaddyH was a huge help. He sent me a bunch of links to stuff and lots of websites to check out. With his help, I was able to track down all OEM Glock parts, which I was shocked given the current climate of everything being sold out constantly. Still need to decide on a slide and barrel, but everything else has been accounted for now.
  9. @Armed Eye Doc That is certainly annoying, parts working in one and not the other. I also don’t love the fact that is their 3rd try to fix it and never getting it right. Everything I have heard about them before this has been positive, interesting to see that issue. I’m not dead set on buying their stuff, they just seem to be the price to beat. Between the slide being about $200, and barrels around $80, that’s a good bit cheaper than anywhere else, granted you get what you pay for.
  10. So i finally decided to take the plunge on one of these bad boys. Big Daddy Unlimited was selling the frames for under $100 a few weeks ago, so I couldn’t resist. Only one real problem with this build, and I think everyone knows what it is. Parts for Glocks, just like everything else right now are hard as hell to find. I’ve been searching all around and I don’t think I’ve seen one frame parts kit in stock anywhere. Just wondering if anyone has any sites that had parts kits in stock. I found a company that makes slides and barrels in house, Rock Slide USA. They actually have everything required to finish it out, but it’s like $580 for all of it. Obviously the constant mass panic in the gun world means nothing is cheap right now, but I hadn’t really planned on almost $600 to build this damn thing.
  11. I agree completely sir, and don’t get me wrong, I’ll lose absolutely zero sleep over 2 total scumbags getting an eternal dirt nap. Complete disclosure, I can’t stand this poop. I can’t believe people are being allowed to trash our cities, and the cops are forced to stand by and watch. I’m all for the cops being green lit to go in and crack skulls until order is restored. I also have been, and always will be 100% on the cops side. Those guys have the toughest job in the world, and get no recognition for it. Do they always make the right decision, no, but who does? And because of them (and our military boys) we normal folks, never get thrust into the absolute fuked up situations they do. It’s real easy to arm chair quarterback this shitt. I have to listen to people drone on constantly about “What they would do”. Oh would you? It’s easy to say that when not wearing a badge, or standing a post with a rifle. my honest opinion, I’m glad he blasted those fukers, I think more need to get a hard dose of reality. The only reason I’m hesitant to give him a formal pat on the back? At a certain point, law still reigns supreme. I’m all for letting him off on self defense, and I think his intentions were great, but by law, he has to answer for something. I’d love to let him go Scott free, but people prove time and time again, they can’t be trusted when given too much leash.
  12. I’ve been watching these videos, man what a pickle. I’m really torn on this shitt fellas. Obviously, my first thought is at 17. he shouldn’t have involved himself in this bull shitt, but with that said, I truly believe he was 100% correct to defend himself. Let’s not pretend he was being attacked by law abiding citizens, but he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. In my opinion, in the fairness of upholding “the law” I could see getting him on a weapons charge, solely for being underage, but beyond that, murder? No way. He was being attacked by an angry mob. The same angry mob setting shitt on fire, and doing who knows what else. No one involved in this horse shitt is “an innocent civilian. Full stop.
  13. Thanks Doc, good lookin out. Seems like this stuff is starting to appear now, I saw some on Brownells yesterday as well.
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