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  1. We're all thinking it. You just said it first. 🤣
  2. He's the top PRS shooter in the Nation right now. He's just that good. He's unconscious when he shoots. Thousands upon thousands of rounds in these competitions.
  3. 2 targets isn't mopping the floor, son! C'mon, man! Plus, you had a couple distinct advantages. You had a stellar spotter for every shot you took (me) and I gave you the wind holds for that tall target on the skyline that took me eleventeen tries to find. Ended up being 1.5 MILS left hold at 460. That's a lot of wind to find with no feedback. I don't mind taking one for the team. That was rough, though. I have to admit, you shot lights out. Extremely impressed with a couple of your stages with awesome round/hit ratio and first shot impacts. You had some killer center of plate hits. That was awesome to witness. I had to check a couple times during your turn to make sure someone else wasn't shooting your targets for you! You got this one, no doubt. Now let's see what January's match brings!
  4. No, I have not. Not yet, anyway. That still eludes me. Your cold bore hit was absolutely fantastic. Definitely will go down as a huge feather in your cap. Super cool.
  5. #musclememory #rally #champion #thisshitdoesntaffectme #training #1milehero
  6. I can neither confirm or deny the accuracy of this account... Fuk tequila. 🍻
  7. Now there's the pot callin the kettle black!
  8. I'm only talking about the first 3 shots. We don't really need to bring up anything after that... 🤦‍♂️
  9. To all of you that made it, I just want to let you know that I think you're fuggin cool. I really enjoy spending this time with y'all. It's pretty awesome that you made the effort and had the ability to make the trek. To those that weren't able to make it, if you've been here, you know what you missed. To those that haven't made it here yet, we'll do it again next year. Start planning and get that liver in shape!
  10. @98Z5VDon't forget to tell the one about the epic Tic Tact Toe beat down!
  11. Welcome. 1/2 MOA is attainable, but doing it with a 308 gas rig is extra special. I'm very interested in what you come up with. These guys will help as much as you let them.
  12. That's awesome feedback, guys. Thanks so much! I'm happy its working out for you. @Black_Sheep That pink is a pretty color for you. Actually, I'm curious how that works for you. Let me know if it stays where you put it and if it turns to a weird waxy substance after you run it for a while. My experience with a grease is just that. It seems to work well for a while but melts off and flies all over the place. Then as it breaks down it leaves almost like plastic chunks everywhere that is a giant pain to clean. I'd like to hear feedback on your results. Thanks.
  13. For whatever reason, this was a tough match for us. Not sure the reason, but it wasn't for lack of training with @98Z5V. 🍻 We just couldn't get started. I ended up cleaning the last 3 of the 5 stages. The weather was ideal. Can't use that as an excuse. I want to point out part of what makes doing this so interesting to me. The way that like minded people can look at the same thing and have 2 different ideas of the best way to do something. I'm not saying that any way is right or wrong, because everyone's comfort level with different positions is different. I'm just saying it's something I notice. I didn't get many pics but I did get enough video to compare Stage 3 between @98Z5V and me. @98Z5V started prone and transitioned to kneeling. He went 7 hits for 10 shots but timed out. He took 23 seconds to engage his first target, however he hit 4 targets with 5 shots, including a cold bore hit. I started standing and transitioned to prone. My cold bore shot/impact was at 4 seconds. I cleaned the station with 12 shots to make 8 hits. Not saying either way was gooder than the other but if @98Z5V hadn't taken his sweet ass time to get going, he would have cleaned the stage as he was EXTREMELY accurate from his chosen firing positions. Those of you that are coming to the Fall Shoot, we'll have plenty of opportunities of similar things for you to try out and play with. To have fun, but most importantly to realize what it actually takes to shoot uncomfortably. And do it well. You'll be able to get a handle on what your actual proficiency is. It's been eye opening for me. I'm not as good as I think I am or would like to be, for sure. Some of these guys are absolute animals. Just because you have a sub MOA rifle doesn't necessarily mean that its going to make you a better shooter. It definitely helps, but the loose nut behind the stock has to be tight as well. Enjoy the pics, fellas. I look forward to the feedback.
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