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  1. I used to. Now I bring a trailer.
  2. That mile is just an educated guess, crap shoot. Especially in those conditions we were shooting in. Sometimes, things work out and sometimes they don't. I definitely hit it fewer times this trip than I ever have. That's just the way it goes sometimes. I was really stoked for @Magwa to connect with his 6.5-284. Super cool! @sketch I really appreciate you bringing all that cool hardware to share. So very cool to have the opportunity to send those monsters down range. I'm not curious anymore about what a 50 will do. It kills on one end and maims on the other!
  3. Pretty sure that means you're only half as good now. You earn the award for the most unimproved shooter, I suppose? But I'm pretty sure I remember you sitting down and launching 15 or so rounds through something with no contact prior to your hero moments. You got enough practice at some point to get warmed up. As tricky as the wind was, there was a ton of luck on a lot of those impacts. But like I always say, I'd rather be lucky than good... You should go buy a lottery ticket.
  4. View of camp from the Mile Looking at the target at 1 Mile Managed to connect Tic Tact Toe
  5. @Armed Eye Doc Another super cool gift, Doc! And you're right. This one only cost me a tank of gas. Lol. Great as always to see you and Susan. Thanks for keeping us fed and happy.
  6. Awesome time! Absolutely wonderful to meet all you first timers to the SDTF, and always great to see some familiar faces again. Now you know what you're missing every time you don't come! And that's what I enjoy so much about this group as a whole. No matter what the combination of people we collect, there's nothing but good times with great people. I feel fortunate to be a part of this group, so to all of you that I've met, thanks for coming and hanging out with us. But now I need a vacation from my vacation. LOL. P.S. The cheesecake alone is worth the return trip, if for nothing else. Jus sayin... 🍰
  7. Sorry to disappoint ya, buddy! I didn't have the time for load development and verification and learning the BDC on that rifle that I thought I would to make that 16" competitive. Plus, we have the 2 day match coming up. I thought it would be best to continue to learn and reaffirm the gun I've been using. I plan on doing as well as I can at the October match, and hopefully bringing home some hardware. After the October match I'll start playing around with different stuff.
  8. I've already checked my dope. I can dial 2k yds without hold overs. Now we just need to find the location... From camp, if possible.
  9. Yep. All of this. By 0900 there wasn't a dry shirt to be seen! But the ability to see bullet trace was pretty epic!
  10. Looks like I'm a little late to this party. Y'all started on the Tequila without me! Or the Kool Aid. Either way, let's try to get this ship back on track. @ebbiv Plain and simple, you're doing it wrong. I'm sure you've had success with your own rigs, and possibly stumbled upon some fixes for your buddies, but allow me to help you out a bit. Here on this forum, we have helped dozens upon dozens of members like @rogu 777 get their rigs running correctly, with as little frustration as possible and using the correct combination of known correct parts and processes. You've stumbled upon the authority on this particular topic within these pages. That's why people come to us and we love to help them. It requires the knowledge and experience of things that your copy and paste doesn't offer. That info is fine, but if you're new to this AR10 platform, not all of that is going to make sense. Ya gotta remember, not everyone here is as smart as you are. However, over time we have developed a solid procedure and to my knowledge, it's 100% successful in finding and fixing issues fellas are experiencing with their AR10 platform. It happens all the time. While you may have read everything on the topic and apparently have a lifetime of experience, you're not very good at playing nice or teaching. Frankly, you come across as a know it all dik-head. Can't tell you nuthin. We are here with a refined system for diagnosis and fix, because this is what we do. I don't know you and it's obvious you don't know us very well, but we have a proven track record. You Sir, do not. Not here, anyway. You come in throwing your opinion around as fact, when most of it is actually somewhat unnecessary. But that's MY opinion and it's worth what you paid for it. We are here to teach, to learn, be nice to each other and collectively enjoy and promote this chosen hobby. Your intentions may be good, but no one wants to learn from you the way that you've presented your information. You're ruffling feathers and then you get your panties all twisted up when you're corrected. I can only assume that this has been a life long recurring issue for you the way you've responded and conducted yourself here. You got checked because you're hanging your hat on stuff that doesn't necessarily need to be addressed yet and also things that we know to be factually incorrect. On top of that, you're trying to tell @98Z5V, one of the most knowledgeable persons on this exact topic, that you're right and he's wrong. No need for that. You've had some ideas, but again, we can fix those issues after addressing known issues first due to the original posters concerns. Some of your stated issues correct themselves when we start with the stuff that we know to be a problem with this platform, or components that he's starting with. @rogu 777 Let's get back to your rig and get you on the right track as quickly as possible. Sorry for all this. Joys of dealing with the general public. @ebbiv You're welcome to add to the conversation, but I might advise you to just sit back, observe and maybe, just maybe you'll learn something too. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. If you have something tangible to add to the conversation, that's welcome. But quit being a know-it-all look how big my dik is about it. Or take your ball and go home. That's fine, too.
  11. I'd rather be lucky than good any day of the week.
  12. @sketch We don't have to shovel sunshine!
  13. @98Z5V is one of the better wind callers/shooters that I know. I'm always impressed when he makes first round impacts in less than ideal conditions. Now if only we could get him to do it FASTER... He had 1 stage today where he only had 1 miss to clean the stage. Saving ammo. That was damn impressive.
  14. That wind was changing directions so fast, it was different for almost every shooter. What the wind was 5 minutes ago is not what the wind is now. Keeps ya on your toes!
  15. Here's my take on the day: I like to leave my place around 5:45 to get to the range at about 6:15. Started loading the truck at about 5:15. It's already light out and I noticed dark over cast as far as I could see in all directions. Oh good. Looks like rain. Checked the radar and saw a pretty good sized storm traveling east to west, with its path coming right over where we are going to be. Awesome. Looks like we're gonna get wet today. Still in the process of loading, and that's when the wind started. Fukkin great. Here we go. Tom calls, he's in a dust storm. Fanfukkintastic. This is going to be interesting if nothing else! Get to the range, the suns up, but it's pretty dark. Ok, good. At least we're not going to get scorched, so that's good. When we started, the wind was coming straight from the south. We get to our 2nd stage and I'll be dammed. Now the wind is coming from the north. WTF? Here we go, boys! Cleaned our first stage (stage 4). Cool. Pretty solid start despite the prevailing wind. Our 2nd stage (stage 5) I timed out and left 3 targets unchallenged. The wind was hard left to right at the far target (650 yds) so I'm holding 1 MIL left to test it out. Hits further left. Huh?!? I move to right edge of the target, with wind flag blowing straight right. Still hit left. Ok, WTF is going on? Hold 2 MILS right, impact. Hard left to right wind, hold 2 MILS right and hit. My brain is confused. Obviously dealing with stronger, opposite blowing wind between here and there. No time to analyze, just gotta react to it. Move to our 3rd stage (stage 1) and the wheels fell right the fuk off. The ol Struggle Bus was chugging right along. I screwed up on my shooting position and just couldn't get steady. We've shot off that barricade before, so it wasn't like it was something new. For some reason, today it just wasn't working. At all. I made that shiit look really difficult. Dropped 7 targets on that stage. Not good. I know how to do this! It just doesn't look like it right now! Decided it was time to start shooting like I knew what I was doing and cleaned the last 2 stages. All in all on the day, I ended 3 of the stages with an empty mag and 1 left in the chamber. 19 shots it took me to complete 3 of those stages. Like I said, I was making this shiit look difficult. Just wasn't my day. I had to console @98Z5V during our last stage. He was wrought with grief. He just saw his hero trip all over himself and struggle hard. I had to softly explain to him that I couldn't always be the hero he's known me to be EVERY time. After all, I AM human. I think he'll be ok after a good pants down hug. Poor guy... With 40 hits out of 50 total targets, I ended up in 26th overall out of a field of 56. My only claim to fame on the day is I was 6th fastest on the timed stage. 55 seconds with the fastest time being 49 seconds. I'll take it. That's all I got.
  16. Welcome @arm_usa from just north of Phoenix. Hunter and former wrench turner. Rumor is, I can shoot ok. I've been up to your park a few times. Even had the opportunity to have a private, after hours tour from Dean, twice. Helluva cool guy. If you ever want to go pew, let me know and let's see what we can work out. We have a somewhat secret spot down by Lake Pleasant that we can reach out to 1000 yds and our SDTF (Secret Desert Test Facility) that @98Z5V referenced is a ways south, where we can set up to a mile. Just too damn hot right now to have any real fun. Is it any cooler up there these days? I have a few toys and am actually very interested in running past that sound meter of yours for some real world results during "civilized" shooting.
  17. Pretty much women in general.
  18. I didn't know a whole lot about any of this stuff 7 or so years ago. But I've pulled a trigger with intention 500,000 times or more and I'm a quick learner. It's simple, really. I just watch what you do and do the opposite. Ya know the difference between you and me? I make this shiit look goooood...
  19. BR-4's are about the only primer I haven't tested. Of all the primers I've tested in both 223/5.56 and 6mm ARC, the CCI 41's are definitely the hottest by about 20-40 fps between 2,700-2,800 fps. But their SD's aren't exactly stellar. They're hotter, but a little less consistent, for me. I've tested at the same time in both calibers: Fed 205, 205M, 205MAR Wolf Winchester SRP, WMSRL 41 CCI 41, 450 Rem 7 1/2 Bench Rest In my tests, I've consistently found that the CCI 450's have single digit SD's for the recipes I'm using. The worst are the WSR and Rem 7 1/2 with SD's well into double digits. Everything else falls in the acceptable category with Fed 205M's and CCI 41's as other good choices. If anyone wants to send me 1K CCI BR-4's, I'd be happy to include them in my testing!
  20. Laying around on the couch all weekend, I'm sure...
  21. Hey @98Z5V. Where's all our cool pics? Inquiring minds want to know...
  22. Welcome from AZ. If you're going the 6.5 route, this is the recommended BCG for that. I have it in my 6.5 build and have had much less trouble than guys that run 308 BCG's. It has a small diameter firing pin which greatly helps in not blowing holes in primers due to higher pressures in the 6.5. But, get an extra firing pin or 2 just to have on hand. https://www.armorally.com/shop/toolcraft-6-5-creedmoor-double-ejector-bcg/ https://www.armorally.com/shop/toolcraft-ar10-small-diameter-firing-pin/
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