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  1. So the .22 TCM conversion kit for the Glock arrived and I installed it in a Gen 3 17 RT, got some of the 39 grain ammo, and off to the range I went. It started off not feeding, progressed to stovepiping, and ended up not extracting. The only constant was appalling accuracy. I've a couple of ideas why it's doing what it's doing but at this point I'm pretty much over the idea of adding this caliber to the stable since it's not much different than a .22 Magnum; I just regret the $250 I wasted on this piece of garbage and ammo for it. Could have bought alot of .22 Magnum for that
  2. .22 TCM conversion set for a Glock 17. At $140 it's a cheap way to assess the cartridge, and who knows it may work well and be accurate in the Glock. Also have 100 rounds of Armscor 49 grain on the way
  3. Hard to argue with a 10 mm, plenty of juice there for all critters mentioned above. I'd probably go with a Glock 20...won't break the bank and should have decent resale. It blows that a guy has to think like this just for some backcountry tools.
  4. I have alot of Glocks, and they look like, well, Glocks. This one's a bit different...a Gen 3 17 with a couple extras
  5. Welcome from MT I lived in NY for around 30 years between Dutchess and Columbia counties. Got out in '94, it was bad then, can't imagine what it's like now Regards, Mark
  6. Been in Montana for 15 years now, and after growing up on the east coast I'm not looking to leave, ever. I like firearms and hunting, of course, and wild country ATV riding with wandering about on foot in such places. Pronghorn is my favorite big game species, they make for a fun walkabout hunt with some fairly long range shots. Nice to find some fellow enthusiasts. Regards, Mark
  7. Difficulties with that Bushy ORC inspired me to look for help, and Google knows everything. It may not always be right but this time it was
  8. Going with what ya know is always a recipie for success. As long as you can deploy from such a carrier quick and smooth, why not? I can envision some draw practice time in front of the TV for you, I do this also. It's gotten so that my wife does not bat an eye at it anymore and even joins me on occasion.
  9. Thanks I've thought of trying some of these. First, though, I'd have to get one of those rubber adaptors so they'd feed correctly. There's an outfit in Texas that makes them for about $15 apiece if I recall right
  10. Complete upper, about 100 rounds fired thru it. 16" barrel, 1:7.5 twist, AAC 51 tooth QD suppressor mount/flash hider, carbon fiber float tube. It seems to like Hornady 129 gr. SST's. The scope is a Nikon M-223 2.5-10 laser rangefinding. Assuming anyone's interested I'd take $600 for the upper and $300 for the glass. Rangefinder in the glass works and the reticle will hold zero but I broke the front mounting screw and replaced it with a quick and dirty fix from Ace hardware hence I'm willing to part with it for that. OR, I'm looking for an A4 20" upper in 5.56 with a 1:9 twist if anyone's got something comparable to swap
  11. I noticed there were a couple in past threads but not many. West end Billings, me
  12. Thanks 98, but this is not a Shockwave it's a Compact Cruiser factory built on the 500 action It's already stamped and registered as AOW since it has an OAL of 17 1/8"
  13. 22" should be just fine. I ended up with a 24" only because I purchased a Ruger Precision. Remember the idea behind the 6.5 cartridges is to start slow and finish fast what with the high ballistic co-efficient bullets available. Try Rock River Arms for the block and tube they may have what ya need
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