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  1. No worries, sadly it has been a few years. We all need another good outing in the desert. Lots of new toys to try out since then
  2. That was actually me, I’m shooting the same 10.5 in the picture at the top. It really shows the difference in flash between muzzle devices. Mine has a standard A2 birdcage, meanwhile that MK18 has an AAC Breakout comp I believe. Hell of a difference in flash for being about the same length
  3. That needs to happen for sure. Using Russian ammo, I’ve heard it throws pretty good sized fireballs even during the daytime.
  4. Oh I will for sure, it needs a good desert beating to test reliability. According to the web, it eats steel case or brass. I plan to just beat some steel thru it and see how it does, keep some brass for the mags. It’s a sexy little bitch, I’m really pleased with it. Uses HK416 spec rails, so that gives an idea how durable it feels. Even being as small as it is, still feels comfortable to move. I believe it comes from the same Socom request that produced the Sig Rattler, something that is tiny and can be used in vehicles during covert ops.
  5. Hey Gents, Been a while since I posted, figured this is a good opportunity. Just got my new toy, a Maxim PDX 7.62x39 kit. Got it put together on a 17 designs lower I had in the box, Maxim sends everything but a lower and a LPK in their kit. Finished it off with a Strike Industries LPK. This thing is a bad Mofo, and absolutely built like a tank. 5.5 in barrel finished off with their “Hatebrake” linear comp/muzzle booster. I have no idea how they get such a short gas system to work, but they do. It’s got a proprietary BCG and buffer tube, which is how they get it so short, the buffer actually sits in the back of the BCG. This fuker is only 18.75 inches long when compressed. I’ve attached pictures for reference. The top is a standard 16in Daniel Defense carbine, middle is a cheap 10.5 build made for throwing around the desert. This damn thing is smaller even with the brace fully extended than the 10.5 is compressed. You can get it in 5.56, but I figured that’s sub optimal out of such a short barrel. 300blk is another option, but that’s pricey, and I don’t plan to suppress it. I figured 7.62x39 will stack pack some ass coming out of short ass barrel. Certainly not optimal energy, but way better than a pistol would be. I threw a Primary Arms red dot on there temporarily, not sure what I’m gonna put on permanently. I consider this a real SHTF type weapon, I’ve seen some videos of being able to fit this, plus a small chest rig, in a standard backpack. Nice grey man style stuff if the need ever arises.
  6. I’m definitely still around, just haven’t posted much in a while. I’ve got something in the mail I plan to share with everyone once it shows up though. Hopefully in the next few days.
  7. Define built it’s mocked up, just needs to have the barrel nut torqued and the gas block attached. Still don’t have any ammo, plus with the fires so bad this year I haven’t been out in the hills to do any blasting. Now that temps are dropping, it’ll need a shakedown
  8. That thing looks absolutely fantastic
  9. Hey fellas, just curious if anybody has done business with ApexGunParts.com? They’ve got some mags I’m interested in, and just wondering what they’re like to deal with.
  10. I tried desperately to wear out the magnetic strip of my CC yesterday. Found out recently when I’m sitting in my company’s shop, I’ve got a gun store 900ft away, it’s never good for me to be that close to one. So I stumble in there, and what’s hanging on the wall, a Serbian 10.5in ZPAP85 Krink “pistol” in 5.56...well damn. I’ve already been eyeballing them for a while, and with the current jokers in charge, you gotta jump on stuff when you see it. Sadly even though I live in a free state, the background check service is so overloaded she has to stay in the store for a few days. Obviously pictures will follow when the new girl gets home. Of course buying that means I need all sorts of other $hit to go with it, so I immediately ordered a proper looking AK style SB Tactical, the 1913 pic rail adapter for the rear trunion, and a pile of extra mags. Just added up the total I spent for yesterday, and it makes me sad. Should be an awful lot of fun to play with though
  11. Now that’s funny. I do have all the parts, and it’s mostly assembled. Still in the same state it was, just needs the gas block attached and the barrel nut tightened down. It’s been a crazy start to the year, and with all ammo being priced like it’s gold plated, it fell down the priority list. Been meaning to finish it though, in fact I was just thinking about it last weekend. I still need to decide on optics for it. I have that Nightforce which would do well on there, but I need a different mount for it. It’s currently set up for my REM 700. If I steal that from the REM, then I need to replace it with something. Decisions decisions. Part of my issue is the political climate, you know that shitt will get ugly very soon. Way I see it, put every penny you have towards new stuff and parts for new guns before they get completely outrageous. Stuff like scope mounts and optics themselves will still be available after that insanity.
  12. It wasn’t bad at all, would have been easier if I had used a Dremel. I don’t have one, so I did the filing by hand. It took me a while fitting the slide, but I also wasn’t trying to rush it. No drill press, just used a standard Dewalt drill.
  13. Hmm, this seems like a trick to me, but also pretty comparable to the price of most ammo deals I see
  14. Oh man, did I. I can’t really complain though, I ended up with a bad ass DMR rifle out of the deal. Eventually I’ll actually get the gas system attached and function test the fuker. I haven’t been in much of a rush, since ammo is unobtainable.
  15. I watched it when it came out, instantly thought it was fantastic. I’ve rewatched it a few times since just because.
  16. Those guys have been crooks for years. I still remember them instantly raising the price of Pmags by like 500% within a day or so of the Newtown shooting. Sometime before that would have been the last time I bought from them. Like doc just said, that had to be 8 years or more ago now
  17. I’ve never seen Glock AR lowers before, makes me wonder if this is fake. They have that look of Poly80 lowers. For sure it would be cool if it’s real, if anyone can pull off reliable polymer lowers it would be them.
  18. I don’t know how I feel about a .410, but damn if that Henry isn’t a fantastic looking piece
  19. Those are both great looking rifles, granted I’m a sucker for FDE stuff. Love those Mod0 PRI handguards, eventually I want to build a Mod0 like that. I tend to prefer the older SOCOM builds over newer stuff, MK12s, MK18s, SOPMOD block 2s, that kind of stuff. Most people have gone to Mlok, and for sure they’re neat and lightweight. For me though, I still prefer that tough as a brick shitt house feel of a quad rail.
  20. I’d love that brother. I had hoped to do that this year at the fall shoot, but there is always next year. I’ll probably function test it once I get it finished up, but it won’t get any long range work until one of the shoots. I love the smiley face on the target, that’s one seriously accurate weapon.
  21. Gentlemen, the 6mm loose MK12 clone is getting close to being functional. The Ballistic Advantage SPR 18” barrel finally arrived a few days ago, after a 3 month wait. Quad rail is the LaRue 12” free float, seriously bad ass rail. Lower is a Spikes tactical I built up with a Geissele SSA-E trigger. Still need to properly torque the barrel nut down, and install the gas system, but I’m loving the way this looks and feels. Weight balance is very good, granted it’s missing optics. Can’t wait to try this bastard out in the future. Lastly, consider “The Rule” as properly upheld, even if it did take months to happen. Blame Brownells.
  22. I want one of those semi auto shockwave knockoffs so bad. I’ve been looking at them since last fall, just haven’t felt like coming off $450 for one
  23. Good lookin out brother, I might have to grab a 2nd. That’s a good price too, I think I paid just under a 100 for that one. I’ve heard mixed reviews from some people on OLights, but mine has held up well, it’s bright as shitt too.
  24. Yeah, it came together quick once you helped me find the parts.
  25. That’s nuts, Sig seems to get absolutely every contract possible. I’ve heard good things about their optics, but I find it hard to believe they’re better than Trijicon, Nightforce, or any of the other big names you can think of. Unless they’re doing the same thing they did with the 320 and just giving them away to the Army.
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