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Everything posted by JMJ

  1. Thanks guys, it really seemed to plant a seed with her. She was already asking when she could go again with me. We’re thinking New Years week we’ll give it a go again.
  2. JMJ

    My first gun

    My first handgun was a Ruger MK2 govt I still have and love for squirrel hunting and pest popping. First centerfire handgun was a Glock G23c I bought at 21 and sold to a coworker in 2015 to fund a G20 10mm, I never looked back that G20’s my favorite pistol. Doesn’t carry much different than my G22, but damn it extends my reach.
  3. Welcome from Louisiana.
  4. JMJ

    New Member

    Welcome from Louisiana!
  5. JMJ

    AR Trigger

    That’ll likely be where I go if/when I upgrade. I haven’t seen a bad review and the price isn’t bad at all.
  6. She came with me again this evening since the weather was better, but I think some loud whispering And a couple coughing fits close to prime time led to not seeing anything except some rabbits and crows. I’m really surprised at her passion for it, it’s stronger than what my 22 year old had as teenager. She’ll come back with me for New Years weekend and make some hunts, I’ll probably come back at least once solo before then. Obligatory 308 AR pic from the stand this morning while I sat in the rain. I’m absolutely loving this rifle for hunting out of box stands.
  7. JMJ

    AR Trigger

    Still running the stick Aero Precision trigger that came in their LPK. I think I’m gonna swap the springs out with the JP lower power/higher reliability set in my wife’s AR15 lower to lighten the pull weight until I decide on a replacement trigger set.
  8. Thanks brother! Yes indeed! My dad always said “hunt with your kids, and you don’t have to hunt for your kids”. I’m amazed at how much she soaks up, she saw me unload the Aero M5 before we got down from the stand and I explained why then when we got to the truck she said “well you can just case it cause you took the bullet out”.
  9. Thanks, she’s a mature for her age 4-1/2 year old. I’m ecstatic she’s showing interest this young. Thanks!
  10. It eventually moved to sleeping bag and a nap lol. Bo deer, but she enjoyed being out in the stand and wants to go back tomorrow.
  11. Hopefully she’ll be a good luck charm and not scare everything away lol! Never thought I’d have more kids in my 40 to do this all over again, it’s amazing how the kids getting interested relit my fire for hunting.
  12. Thanks bro! In the environment it was built for, way handier in a box stand than my 26”+ brake 7mmRM. Weather seemed to have the deer hunkered down this morning. Tomorrow should be perfect.
  13. Yes indeed! Some of my fondest memories with my 22 year old son were deer hunts when he was down from Arkansas with me on Christmas break. My daughter’s been telling me for the last year she’s ready to go “make meat” LoL. It really does rekindle the fire in me to get back at it again. Joining this new lease is a great thing all around, since it’s gets up up visiting my wife’s family in the “Yankee” zone of Louisiana, especially her favorite uncle and cousins I joined the lease with. A lot bigger deer than where I live on the gulf coast and there’s still hogs to lay the wrath down on too.
  14. Lol nah one rifle and my 10mm pistol at a time. I will have my kids jogging stroller, my 4.5 year old daughter wants to make her first hunt with me so I’m thinking I’ll load her up in it and push her down the trail to my box stand.
  15. Man now you’re making me think I’ll bring a 3rd rifle…22lr browning a-bolt for the tree rats lol. I’ll have my Aero M5 308 and my a-bolt 7mmRM, mainly cause that 7mag is just rough for me to leave behind after hunting with it for 23 years.
  16. Thanks!!! So looking fwd to getting out the swampland for some rolling hills of mixed oaks and pines!
  17. Well better late than never I guess! I finally got to the local 100yd sheriff’s range this morning before work so I could get it zero’d for hunting this week and check the functioning with the new buffer system. Started the zeroing/function check with 3 sets of 3 shot groups at 25yds. Only put 3 rounds of M118LR in a 10rd Pmag to test lock back on the last shot and everything worked perfectly Moved back to 100yds and ran 3 5 shot groups of M118LR with only 5rds in the mags to continue testing function once I got it adjusted where I wanted for MPBR. Wasn’t taking my time as much as I would’ve liked since I had to get to work, but I’m happy with it and it’ll definitely work for whitetail and hogs this week/weekend I also ran 7rds of 180gr Remington Coreloks from a box I was given a few years back just to see how it ran with some other loadings. The bolt locked back on the last round each time and it recoiled just as smooth or maybe even a little smoother than I recall with the A1 buffer system I had on it before. I’m completely happy with it and look forward to hopefully breaking it in with a deer soon. Thanks again to everyone for all the information that’s been contributed to this site on making these large frame AR’s run a like a champ!
  18. Congrats on the harvest! Hoping to do the same this week.
  19. Welcome from south Louisiana!
  20. JMJ


    Welcome from south Louisiana!
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