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Everything posted by Savage11006

  1. Ray-o-vac has been my go to for standard alkaline for years now. I've had just a good results from them as any others.
  2. What everyone else has said! Larue mbt-2s
  3. Asc and duramags at joe bobs https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/AR-10-Magazines-s/1498.htm
  4. Borrowed @shepp's meatloaf recipe from a while back. I'm definitely pleased I did!
  5. It is! Yes. I've been planning to pick up some 147s, just haven't been able to whenever I came across them.
  6. Got a chance to do some more shooting today. Everything is still functioning as it should. Had 2 new mags to try (e-lander 20 and duramag 10) and no issues from either one. Only shot 25 rounds through it today, mostly checking some different reloads. But I did come across some factory Hornady 140 eld-m's that shot great.
  7. This made me laugh 🤣🤣
  8. They're more then that too. They listen. I've started that. It seems pretty good
  9. You refereeing to the phone stuff?
  10. I finished that this weekend. So freakin good!
  11. Hope everyone had a great Father's day!
  12. That's how mine is on my aero as well. It's threaded in there farther then you realize.
  13. I second RTB. I've had nothing but good experiences with dealing with them.
  14. That is very true. There's a few on there that are knowledgeable but nothing like this place!
  15. Some of it is unbelievable. I try to put some good info out there when I can and link this site a good bit.
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