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Everything posted by 98Z5V

  1. I miss you, too, brother. We kinda "bonded..." For those that don't know - this is one congenial, lovable Cunuck. All the way. Hell of a motherfucker...
  2. Whores trade things for money or goods. Ron does that, some things, sometimes. If there's a real benefit, he'll Whore out a part - because he knows that SOMETHING will come back to him, sometime. Sluts just hand it out for free, and don't even know where the next fix is gonna come from...
  3. "Slut" was WAY too cheap. Even I was offended by that. You're WAY more High-Quality than that, brother.
  4. Yeah, right? Because you need Mike to have an invite?... And without Mike, no invite?... Are you aware of what happened last year, brother? You're so fucked, and so family, already, that there's no way you can scream, shout, bitch, moan, or try to claw your way out of... getting away. You're IN THIS now... Kinda creepy, ain't it... Welcome aboard. If you run, you're only gonna die tired...
  5. THINK about that. Even utility companies have to send you mail, and they have to address that shiit to "RON, IN SKULL VALLEY, ARIZONA... " There just isn't anything more badass than THAT, on this whole Planet, brother. I have ONE JUMP in my jump log, that was onto "SKULL DZ..." Skull Drop Zone, part of the Rough Terrain Parachute Course, taught by the Smoke Jumpers in Oregon. I've compared alot of jump logs - not many people have something THAT badass as a Drop Zone name... Same principle - but it's for life... "Hey man! Where you live?..." I live in Skull Valley. Mic drop. Done. It's over.
  6. Nope. Just lay back and let it happen... You wouldn't be able to stop it anyway...
  7. Yep. POOF! Larry shows up, dreams and visions are smoked when the TING! on the target happens - straight out of a truck from New Mexico - no stretching, either. BANG! TING!!! Everyone realized the day was over, dreams were shattered, and there was NO WAY to overcome that. So we pouted and stumbled back towards the center of the camp, started the campfire early, and just drank our sorrows away. Even @Matt.Cross. He was SO HOPPED UP on Coke by 9pm, that he ran out and set up the 450 target for the night shoot, by himself... The rest of us were just crushed... Demoralized... Thanks, Larry.
  8. House in AZ, brother. Right around the corner from me, right now. I'm just sayin'...
  9. I couldn't leave that one untouched - and had to fix it. I hope you didn't mind. What you stated was no where NEAR accurate... "Parts Junkie" implies an amatuer-ish level to it. You peaked taht status probably 20 years ago, my friend. You are at COMPLETE PARTS WHORE status. In none other than Revenerent Tone, my comment is applied...
  10. I missed this before, but just caught it. You're SO fucked up, brother...
  11. There will have to be a new "gas block cover" to seal the gas port in the barrel... I'm just thinkin' here...
  12. My Brother... You've come out of this scrape way better than New Zealand did, and the total Fake Abomination that they did to them. This might get expensive - but I'd call it "lucky." For real.
  13. Well, no, I'm meaning "the receiver extension," because that's what it really is. I'm not meaning "buffer extension" at all, because that would be something that extends the buffer, and makes a buffer longer. Terminology counts. And it makes a difference. Get the garbage out of your head, and call parts what they really are.
  14. That's EASY... ^^^ He just spelled it all out for you. Soup-to-Nuts - THAT is what works. 5.4oz buffer, the appropriate recoil spring, and the right receiver extension - that's the key in it all. Only thing after that you have to verify is the gas port diameter in the barrel. Needs to be the right size. If you buy an off-brand barrel, we'll need to verify what gas tube you'll need - some manufacturers are ALL FUKKED UP ON THAT. <<< My opinion..
  15. Where at? If I have time, let's meet up, man. Shoot me a PM.
  16. Just shiit-can the dual ejector bolt, and go with a standard bolt - It's a standard .308 AR bolt, with the same base as .308 Win - because it's just a necked-up .308 Win case in the .358 Win... Same parent case, any .308-caliber bolt will work... Never sweat it after that. I'm running single ejector on a .338 Fed gun, .260 Rem gun. Fuk, I don't own any of the fancy dual-ejectors - for any AR gun I have. They work fine. That's just Complicating Shiit With Complicated Shiit - it's unnecessary - but someone found a way to sell it.
  17. Easy. I made a thread about it here, with pics of target hits, from 100, 200, 300, and 400. It was Red-Dot Day for me on the 13.5". Nothing but.
  18. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    I would have given those fuckers a 4-day weekend after seeing that. Well done, men.
  19. I take offense to that assessment. That's completely not true.
  20. Welcome back, and congrats, brother!!! By the way - that was NOT a smart fish, to try to fight you. I wish someone would have talked to it beforehand, and let it know. Oh well, his choice...
  21. We're doing 2 days of Long Range this year, just because of stuff like this, man. Day 1 will be "serious day" just to run our real long guns. Targets stay up that night, because we're running an 850-yard night shoot. Next day is for stuff like you're talking. If a 12.5" Grendel can run 850 - other stuff should, too. I'm picking up another LaRue LT-158 with the QD levers, and setting up a permanent scope in it - just so we can slap it on some of the short guns and run them at distance. After running the 13.5" .308AR to 400 yards with a red dot on it - I want to run it longer with magnified optics. The 12.5" needs stretched out, too, just like that. Both those guns are red-dot guns. Let's give 'em some glasses, so they can see further...
  22. The longest one that we had set up for the High Angle was a true 500 yards, right on the money, brother.
  23. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    Hey now... The MagnetoSpeed showed up today, so I'll rebuild the Valk into a 6 ARC, and shoot this sunday. Once the LaRue upper ships, it's time to paint, then assemble - a platform that I'll already have the data on. Who knows - I might be reloading it already by then... 10 more days until the Lee Factory Crimp Die is released.
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