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Everything posted by 98Z5V

  1. I'll check it out this weekend, and see if I have that one. It looks like the same wrench for the MFR-308, that I do have.
  2. 98Z5V

    My last Elk

    Hotdog pic is pre-my Hotdog, too. I've been known to "convert" women. Pure real-lesbians have been freaked out by what I can do to them. Hence - converted. I fucked them for life. I really did fuk them, for life. Lesbians, confused- give them a dik-infusion, and just change their world, completely... Its pretty funny, when you watch it all go down, and see their face change colors, right before your eyes... Never give up on a "lesbian", men - you can work that. And once they're free, they'll rock your world.... I'm just sayin'...
  3. Post a pic of the barrel nut, or a pic of the barrel nut wrench. I probably have it. You cant have it, for good, but if I have it, I'll send it to you, and you will send it back. terms and conditions are not negotiable. You don't get to keep it, if I have it. You will send it back to me, if I have it. Barrel nut pics, or wrench pics - so I can match up what I have. I have a ton of them.
  4. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    They look nice from behind, but they're a GIANT pain in the ass. It's the attitude. They think they're Gold, but that's why they're always looking for men... I'm just sayin'... They're fun to disappoint in a bar, at closing time, because they KNEW they were "The Thing..." And, then, they weren't... Sweet Dreams tonight, beauty... wake up tomorow, and figure yourself out... Because you were a BITCH last night, knowing you were ALL THAT...
  5. We'll fry some Prickly Pears for ya, brother... I don't know anyone that would want to eat a Jumpin; Cholla, though. Nasty little fuckers, those are.
  6. I haven't had a single OLight disappoint me yet, and I have a PILE of these bastards. They impressed me. I just got bike lights the other day - MTB shiit - and they're badass. These guys know what they're doing - and they're killing the over-priced light crowd. I've replaced 2 SureFire mil-issued weapons lights with OLight Odin weapons lights. It's just technology, and all the "old guys" in the light-crowd just aren't keeping up. OLight is kicking their asses, completely. There's still nothing on the planet that can fuk with a SureFire HellFighter, though... For everything else, I'm going OLight. Just wait, brother - for the OLight Laser Light to come out. It's coming... I fucked with one of them last January, as a prototype, and it's badass...
  7. We all do - that's why we're as smart as we are, now...
  8. Oh, you hush on that. You've been AWOL for a couple years now. Time to get YOUR ASS back down here, too, and you know it.
  9. Out here, you need that thing for cactus-defense, as well. I'm just sayin'... One day, I'll get you out here for a shoot, brother. Once you come out, you're fucked, for life...
  10. 98Z5V

    My last Elk

    ^^^ He was SAVING THAT TRAP!!! I KNOW HE WAS!!!
  11. That light/laser combo - OLight just put it on sale today, until they run out, for $77. Grab another one, brother!
  12. "Adjustable stock lower" could mean a few things - rifle recoil system with a MagPul PRS stock. Carbine recoil system with a standard 6-position setup, and a carbine buttstock that slides. Weird combo for a 20" barrel, but if the recoil system is right, then it doesn't matter what your barrel length or gas system is - as long as gas system and recoil system are balanced. If it's truly the carbine recoil system... then... You'll also find that the buffer is too light, the receiver extension won't be the right internal depth, and the gas port will be too small. It probably has an AR15 recoil spring in it. Just being honest, based on history here with these things.
  13. ^^^ It's the "wings..." GunPusher John has that shooting mat, and it's pretty badass. That thing can double as a sleep pad, for sure. I've never seen anything better, that won't cost an absolute "Boutique-Brand Fortune." That's a great shooting mat, right there.
  14. I never knew that, brother. Not in the least. That information blows me away, about you, I mean that. At one point, I owned a soprano, alto, and tenor sax. I still have the alto. I perfected this sax rip in high school, on tenor- the controlled squeaks and everything: I need to get that alto in for work, and get all the pads replaced. Once I get off my ass and do that, I want to get this electronic-keyboard-guitar intermission down to a science - this would RIP with a sax! It's made to be ripped up on a sax.
  15. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    Damn - I've now realized how much the KAC VFGs have dried up - I've been looking the past few days, and the "deals" are gone now, from combat-bring-backs. GONE. Shiit on me, already... So, an update on the LaRue Ultimate Upper kit... I called today. Saturday was 4 months, exactly (June 17th order, October 17th was Saturday). Well, the phone rang, and I expected to hear "You're number 14 in the queue..." like the past few months. NOPE! It rang, and a very nice lady answered immediately. I posed my question in a simple manner - I have a question about order number xxx, and a few other parts that are IN that order. Q = First, could it be hopeful that I'll receive this order, entirely, before November 4th? A = You are still 1~2 months out on that upper receiver setup. Q = I have a LT158 mount and MBT-2S trigger coupled inside that order, and I've been told previously that you aren't breaking orders up, and I get that. Do you have LT-158s in stock, and do you have the MBT-2S triggers in stock, because I'll order an additional mount and trigger right now - because orders aren't being broken up. I need these two items for a Competition that I'm going to , 5~9 November. A = The triggers are 2 weeks out right now, but let me check on the 158 mount, can I put you on hold? (Indeed, that was fine with me). A2 = We DO have the 158 mounts that you want in stock, and I CAN break the order up for you and ship that mount TODAY. Q = can you break the trigger off the original order, include it in the new mount-order, bill then now - and maybe I'll get that trigger before Nov 4th? A = since I'm already breaking the order up, I'll FIND a trigger somewhere in the back, if there is one, and I'll include it with the mount I ship today... Well, HOT DAMN!!! My tracking info that I was sent says I'll get the mount and trigger this Friday. She was SO COOL... I wanted to ask her for her personal number... The LaRue 6 ARC looks like it will be ready for Spring Shoot 2021 - but I'm not getting that stuff in time for this coming Fall Shoot. My permanent scope mount will be here, though, and @Armed Eye Doc's trigger will be here... The 6 ARC, as it is, shoots now, though - and it shoots very, VERY WELL... This is one HELL of a cartridge...
  16. There are companies out there that make reload kits for these 37mm shells. Don't think that I haven't been researching this shits. @Robocop1051 dicked me good a couple years ago, when he secretly broke one of these things out at a Shoot...
  17. That one out front is an evil bastard - I finally had to do some surgery on it, and cut it back, before it got some little kid on a bike...
  18. ^^^ That right there is the way to set up an adjustable gas block. You always start Wide-Open...
  19. WooHoo!!!! MAN, DID I SCREW THAT ONE UP WITH THIS THREAD RIGHT HERE!!! @Epicersatz, my fault, man!!! Just make sure that receiver extension is 9 11/16" internal depth - it looks short in that pic you posted, by about 1/4", but that could be camera angle... I think I'm straight now, with the multiple receiver extension/buffer threads... 🤪
  20. SIG has the touch, or has greased those skids - something is going on with them. Scope contract with the Army. https://gatdaily.com/sig-wins-another-one-army-dvo/ SIG Wins Another One – Army DVO Sig Sauer Electro-Optics has won the Direct View Optic (DVO) contract for the US Army. By Keith Finch - October 9, 2020 First seen on The Firearm Blog, Sig Sauer (Specifically SIG Sauer Electro-Optics) have been awarded a $77,168,400 contract to provide the US Army’s new Direct View Optic (DVO) which will be used on the M4A1 carbine and likely any remaining M16A4’s retained as DMR’s. Army is looking to replace the venerable fixed power TA31 ACOGs (designated M150 RCO) that serve beside the Aimpoint CompM series CCO’s. The new DVOs will meld the capabilities of the RCO and CCO and add increased engagement envelope to the M4A1’s The Marines selected the Trijicon VCOG 1-8x to top their H&K M27 rifles not long ago and this award to Sig Sauer by the Army signals a final shift in the large scale ground combat elements going to LPVO’s. Along with the standard dimensional and operational environment capability requirements for heat, vibration, environment, durability, etc. The Army required the DVO to have a passive reticle with an ‘Army specified reticle pattern’ with free-floating windage and range adjustment marks/numbers (likely the M855A1) as well as an illuminated center aiming feature visible under all lighting conditions including total darkness. The DVO had to be M1913 Picatinny rail compatible, mount an objective lens Laser Filter Unit that attaches to the objective lens end of the optic (one of the annoying honeycomb things, I believe), and have an optical sight box center line of 38.1 ±2.5mm [1.5 ±0.1 inches] from the top of the rail (inline with the current ACOG and Aimpoint heights). The optic had to be no longer than 10.5 inches and use AA, CR123 or CR2032 batteries if necessary. The SIG Tango6T SOT61233 Hellfire M855A1 on an M4(gery) Army may not have picked the SOT61233 specifically but it is the most likely candidate, it is the SOCOM S-VPO. Sig also may have submitted an unlisted variant instead of one of their commercial facing items. I have been impressed and continue to be impressed by Sig’s high end optical line in both dots and variables. There will be another optical award to go along with the NGSW-R/AR selection in the next couple years but it is good to see that the rifles that will be sticking around while while the new weapons make their way in will continue modernization as well. Now if only they’d put a decent sling on them and some QD points.
  21. That's pretty damned awesome, right there...
  22. You are aware now, that you have a Carbine Recoil System, and not a Rifle Recoil System, right?
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