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New guy needs some help

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Ok guys I'm looking at buying my first semi auto 308. Looking at a dpms lr 308 carbine. First of is this a good rifle? Second are there any issues with this gun anything I should know about it? Third I'd like to put a free float quad rail up front. Are there any out there that'll go over the factory gas block or do I need to replace it with a low pro gas block? What rails are you guys running?


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Welcome from AZ!


You have three main pattern 308ARs to choose from:  Armalite, DPMS, and Rock River.  Each have had their quirks.  The aftermarket is by far the largest for the DPMS pattern.


There is no "mil-spec" with .308s.  Either the company has a reputation for quality or they don't (bring up CMMG to Robocop).

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DPMS is the originator of the most copied pattern.  The company itself is now owned by Freedom Group/Cerebus, i.e., the Remington umbrella.


There are dozens of companies marketing receivers, receiver sets, and complete rifles based upon this pattern.  Many are very good, some are dubious.  For the price point DPMS makes a good rifle.


They also now have their LR-308 G2, which is lighter and better balanced.  Lots here are waiting to see how these hold up before committing to the platform.


Go to the 308AR Manufacturers forum and you can get a good idea of who makes a good product or not:  http://forum.308ar.com/forum/93-308-ar-manufacturers/


You will notice that Armalite, DPMS, and Rock River have their own forums above Manufacturers.  Because those are the big three.


Spend some time going through them and you will learn more than I can tell you.

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what plane flyer21 said is pretty good advice, I own a DPMS carbine and I have added a lot of goodies to it and changed the front handgaurt to a apex gator grip it is a very reliable rifle no issues in over 1000 rds, it is also very accurate and like has been said good value for the bucks you spend...

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