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Shopping for my .308AR build based on Matrix Aerospace upper/lower


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I know, I know.  Its another "here's a list of parts is this any good?" thread.  Indulge me if you would be so kind.

After much reading I have decided to put together a sample build to see how much things are going to cost and get feedback.

I wanted to build in AR and as I mentioned in another thread I already own a "commercial" AR style rifle in 5.56 and it seemed to make sense to have some fun building one this time around.  My goals for this rifle are twofold:  to have fun at the range (I shoot for personal satisfaction, not competition) and something that will be able to hunt mid-size game (e.g. deer).  I already own several rifles in .308 so there is also the convenience factor when it comes to ammunition.  My gun club only has 100 yd lanes and my friend's club only goes out to 200.  In the wild I don't expect to have to take any shot farther than 250.  Weight is NOT a factor for me, but price is (can only spend so much on toys before I hear it from the better half).  Building a rifle also means I can wait for things to go on sale since I'm in no hurry to assemble it (well I am, but you know what i mean :) )

Below are the parts I have already picked out, prices I found, and my rationale for picking them.  Any feedback or knowledge of a better deal or better choices would be appreciated.

I have not heard back yet if the matrix aerospace upper/lower combo my FFL ordered for me is an armalite or dpms pattern- work has repeatedly thwarted me efforts to place a quick call during business hours and I haven't head back from email yet.  I am assuming in this build mockup it is armalite pattern.  I don't mind drooling over parts so if I have to do this again with a DPMS pattern that's fine with me. :)

Any Armalite parts listed are prices from the Armalite website.

Matrix Aerospace Blem Upper/Lower Combo: $185.00 - Seemed like a good deal to get started on the 308 platform versus other suppliers.

Armalite AR-10A Single Stage LPK:  $90.00 - From what I have read is the best deal for a LPK under $100.00 based on feedback from people suggesting the trigger is superior to the DPMS LPK.
Armalite Black Pistol Grip Kit:  $7.50 - Need a grip with this LPK.

Upper Parts:
Armalite Ejection Port Door and related parts:  $24.25 - Why not?
Amralite Forward Assist Kit:  $14.00 - Gotta fill that hole somehow.
MechArmor TachOps1 Charging Handle:  $48.00 - Priced simiarly to others on the market, but Mech Armor supports this site with a group buy so I'd rather buy through them.  Plus it looks cool!

BCG and Barrel:
(NOTE 1:  This was by far the toughest decision to make of everything.  Accuracy is usually at the forefront of the decision making process but it was rediculously easy to get trapped in the "well for only a few dollars more I can have..." iterative loop.  It seems unless you go super cheap your buy in for these two parts is over $700.00.  I'm seriously considering cheap.

Also, from what I have read as long as the bolt and the barrel are the same pattern they will work in any upper pending a headspace check.  I am making this assumption here.)

AIM Surplus phosphate BCG:  $159.95 - A lot of people seem to go with this one when building on a budget.
Rainier Arms 20" Barrel: $314.95 - Reasonably good feedback from what I've read.

NOTE 2:  Someone in a thread somewhere on here mentioned McGowen Barrels.  They seem well priced for what you get.  I was considering them.  Also, is the extra $220.00 to go for the Armalite BCG and equivalent Rainier Arms 20" barrel worth it?

Gas Block:
Seekins Precision Adjustable (via Bronnells):  $57.99 - Appears well make and fit my price point.

Armalite AR-10 Black A2 Rifle Buttstock Kit:  $85.00 - Seemed like a good price point to get everything all in one, but considering the Mapgul rifle stock + tube + spring + buffer as well.  This also might be my one indulgence area and get Armalite's AR-10 ergo stock (Item F93-10) purely because the aesthetics appeal to me.

Hand Guard:
Matrix Aerospace 13.5" Key Mod Hand Guard:  $125.00 - Looks good and with it being on sale for 125 its at an untouchable price point.  You can also get armalite or DPMS barrel nut with purchase so I don't have to re-shop for this part should the pattern change.

Gas Tube:
Undecided, but they look to be about $15.00

Total Price:  $1,126.64 + applicable tax and/or shipping charges

Wow, when i totalled this up my first thought was "how the hell did it get that expensive that fast?"  But I looked at the parts and sure enough that's what it is.  Amazing.  I knew there would be a premium versus 5.56 but damn!  So much for that Amralite ergo stock being in the budget. :(

Anyway, thoughts/ideas/suggestions are appreciated.  The only parts that have been firmly purchased are the stripped upper/lower set, so everything else is negotiable.


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With the Matrix receiver set you are supposed to be able to build it with all Armalite parts or all DPMS type parts with one exception - the barrel nut has to have an Armalite thread.


Thats what my research said, but I still want to give Chris a call because I want to order that handguard next while it is still on sale.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the late reply to this.  Work and the home fronts have been challenging lately.


Thanks for the replies everyone.


And jonnyjet that's a sweet looking rifle!  Thanks for posting!  I have a few parts here and there that are on the way but things are in a state of flux due to work.  I have to get in touch again and get a handguard from Chris.


I expect the pace of this build to pick up in July once all the selected parts are here and time allows for assembly.

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I took a shot in the dark buying the UBR, hadn't seen or held one. It's heavier than I thought it was going to be but it ended up balancing the rifle well. Just need a few more things and she's ready for optics.

Yep 5 pounds on each end ought to balance it  :) Wash

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the thread, very interested in the Matrix upper / lowers.  How is the lockup / fit & finish?  Is it nice and tight with no wobbles?


OP, dying to know where you found the upper lower set.


Anyone have any sources on this -  Matrix Aerospace Blem Upper/Lower Combo: $185.00

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Thanks for the thread, very interested in the Matrix upper / lowers.  How is the lockup / fit & finish?  Is it nice and tight with no wobbles?


OP, dying to know where you found the upper lower set.


Anyone have any sources on this -  Matrix Aerospace Blem Upper/Lower Combo: $185.00

Gunbroker, Do it! Do it now! Awesome stuff, mine is most excellent.

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