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First AR 308 Build


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Hey all,


New member here and thought I would drop my first AR 308 build spec here to see what you guys think and/or might have opinions on my selection(s). This build will be used primarly as a long range precision rifle used from a bench or the ground and will be used to hone my skills at long ranges. Thanks in advance for any tips/help.


- Barrel: http://www.fulton-armory.com/barrelfatitan20nmm110ss1x12875gasblockthreaded.aspx?variation=3411


- Upper Reciever: http://www.fulton-armory.com/upperreceivertitana4.aspx


- Lower Reciever: http://www.80percentarms.com/collections/lower-receivers/products/fde-billet-80-308-lower-receiver


- Handguard: http://www.fulton-armory.com/handguard-float-tube-308-ar-12-pvr-dpms-pattern-2.aspx


- Gas Block: http://www.fulton-armory.com/gas-block-low-profile-750-2.aspx


- BCG: http://www.fulton-armory.com/boltcarriergroupcompletetitanincludesboltcomplete-2-2.aspx


- Muzzle Brake: http://primaryweapons.com/wp/shop/flash-suppressing-compensator/


- Buffer: http://jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPSCS-10


- Charging Handle: http://mechdefense.com/products/308ar-com-group-buy-sale


- Trigger Group: http://geissele.com/super-semi-automatic-enhanced-ssa-e-trigger.html


- Stock: https://www.magpul.com/products/prs%C2%AE-precision-adjustable-stock-%E2%80%93-ar15-m16


- Scope: http://swfa.com/SWFA-SS-3-15x42-Tactical-Rifle-Scope-P62238.aspx


- Scope Rings: Not really sure yet, could use some advice on this.

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Hey Ronin  welcome to the forum !


My opinion on your build list is

$hitcan the 80% lower and get one thats finished...matching lower would be nice

$hitcan the JP buffer and start with a DPMS buffer and spring.

I drink the Geissele kool aid too...I have this trigger...nice, but the Mech Armor  trigger for bout half the price is sweet !


:) Wash

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