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  I ordered one of these today , getting kinda tired of my RCBS eating Batteries . It was a Christmas gift from the wife . so I had to use it & its worked decent enough , except for the its Battery fetish . I did have to send it back the first year I had it & they sent me a brand new one , can never complain about RCBS's warranty service , they are great if you need too use them .


  I really can't compare them , because of where they take readings , but I will see how much of a difference between Muzzle & ten feet from the Muzzle . <thumbsup>

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 Unit cam in today & I have to say for $ 180 , there isn't much there , but its the software , sensor & R&D we are paying for so its all that matters .







    I knew even before I ordered it , the fitment on my 16" HB with rifle gas system would be a challenge . Not much past the Gas Block hanging off to strap this thingy on , not to mention the Barrel steps down from .936" .




Attaching the Bayo to the Barrel & Brake , leaves it pointing at an upward angle ( lean in ) & from the instructions, may show incorrect readings .



So , with a double shim of 1/16" Teflon Gasket material it seemed to level it out & will test tomorrow . I have some new Material around & will cut a piece thats not been used . I use this material because it will not melt ( used to use it for Steam Flange Gaskets ) & when tightened against a part , it won't move or mare the Part .

  There are no ports at the bottom of the Smith Enterprises Brake , so no worries about muzzle blast under it .




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 I had a chance to use this Chono the other day & with the Brake I had on there on the 18" barrel , I had to move it out on the Brake farther then I would have thought , but after I moved it , I quit getting error messages & it worked quite well .


    So much easier then my std Chronograph to set up .



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Definitely.  Especially if you shoot at a public range.  Plus, you get true muzzle velocity, not 10' from the end of the barrel.


  I agree , to set up my other Chrono. & get it leveled & aligned, takes about 15 -20 min. ( you have to assemble it , put it on a Tripod & do all the Aligning ), this set up , maybe 5 min..

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 I have come up with a small problem with this Chronograph , I have some damage to the rubber base pad & the Nylon strap from Muzzle gas hitting them from the Muzzle brake . I have to move the Bayo over gas Ports slightly to get the thing to read & its starting to melt these parts.

I have a fix & thats to use the Teflon Gasket material to shield these parts & plan on emailing the Manufacturer about this , they may have a way around it .Unit may not have had Muzzle devices in mind when they developed it .

I have photos of the damage & will post them after down loading .

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 I emailed them my issue & have not heard from them . I looked at their sight & they have a FAQ section , some good info , but in the kit you get has two different thickness rubber spacers & I just switched to the thicker spacer & attached it behind the Muzzle device & even though I thought the Bayo was too far back & the blast zone on the curved part of the Bayo was near the end of the Muzzle , it worked .

Worked on all the different loadings I used the other day ( in-between Malfunctions , of course ) but it worked just fine . I just have to experiment with the different Muzzle devices & sizes I have on these rifles .

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