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Used, new to me LMT MWS

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I like!

With it's 16" CL it out shoots my M1A.


I'm still thinking about getting a 18 inch CL barrel.

For now I'm a happy camper.


I contacted LMT about the 'born date' (they were prompt and courteous) born July 2013.

So that means it's a 2nd generation 'slick side' (I guess).


One thing for sure, it's not easy web-searching information on these rifles.

We LMT fans are a small group.


Anyone put an A2 stock on one?




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   Nice Rifle . The 18" Barrel isn't going to do much more for you , the 16" will work just fine. 

 Some like a single point some like a two point , I have both , but more two point . Depends on what conditions you are using the rifle for. An A2 stock will require a new Receiver Extension, Buffer & Spring , but I'm not really sure if they use the Armalite system or DPMS or their own , others may know here.

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Nice gun for sure. Like unforgiven said, beachin slings are really nice. Totally adjustable, comfortable, and loaded with 550 cord should the need ever arise. I have 2, and love them. Several of us run them. I'll take a comfy 2pt over any other sling configuration. I run A1 stocks on most of my ARs. Like them a lot. Nice and smooth. I've got a spare A2 stock and tube sitting here if you decide to swap.

I may be off, but I think the mws comes from the factory with a longer than normal buffer tube and a standard AR15 carbine heavy buffer. Swapping it to a A2 stock would just require the rifle tube and a 308 buffer/spring.

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Anyone put an A2 stock on one?




Brother, you have a reliable gas system on that weapon and one of the best stocks out there.  I would seriously weigh the benefits of having an A2 vs what you have before changing.  One of my duty SASS has an A2 I keep begging for the armorers to consider swapping it to a collapsible stock.  Body armor, winter clothing, etc make the collapsible a much better choice...in this man's opinion

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Stain, I have never been a fan of adjustable stocks....but I'm warming up to this one.


I think LMT put a lot of thought into this weapon  and I'm liking it more every day.


A 18 inch barrel may still be in the future....but the dam 16 inch does shoot!


Thanks all.

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