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  1. Suck about the truck, just glad you're OK. That was a hard hit.
  2. Damn Doc you sure as heck threw a big ole chunk of bait out with that link. Sell the three lowers and it's a 300 dollar steal!
  3. Not one word on the Alabama shooting. Seriously, I didn't even know it had happened.
  4. And they took him alive.
  5. Nice looking rifle pyzik.
  6. Nice job on the rifle build Josh. How did the muzzle brake do?
  7. I wouldn't walk down half the stuff he rode down. Mad freakin skilZZZZ! His imaginate video is the bomb. Incredible talent.
  8. Awesome pics!
  9. I have an old Savage single shot 12 gauge........how is this legal? I'm all over it if it is.
  10. The color is awesome Bigbrew. Damn nice looking rifle.
  11. That target is five rounds of mil surp ammo at 100 yards? Out of a DPMS with a stock trigger, that's darn near brand new? By a guy who has little time behind said rifle? Are you shittin me? You're a damn good shot my friend! Now who had that Hirtenberger with free shipping. lol
  12. The stupid file just took a real sh!ttee turn. Seriously, this sh!t just got real.
  13. I'm still in awe of this air rifle. The engineering, 1790 mind you, blows my mind. 1790!!! Great video planeflyer.
  14. Welcome aboard from North Carolina. No way am I moving outta this state!