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  1. 100 rounds of .40 and 40 rounds of IMI 7.62x51 I ain't rich by no means but this will allow me to sight in the new scope and spend some quality time with my HK P2000SK.
  2. KI4JCE throwing 73's back at you. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Blacktop Mojo day for me. Being I'm a Bourbon nut, this song hit the spot.
  4. Welcome to the addiction. You'll never look at an AR15 the same way. The "boom, boom" makes the "pew, pew" seem trivial, almost toy like. First time I shot mine, I was like, "Oh shite, now this is a rifle!".
  5. I'm now a truck driver. We get DOT inspections all the time. Which I have no issues with as they are just doing their job as I am mine. I always hand the Trooper my Drivers License and Permit to carry first and foremost. I get the same question all the time. "Do you have it with you?" "Yes Sir it's in my EDC bag." They always come back with the same thing. "Good for you, cause it won't do you any good leaving it at home.". I honestly think truck drivers would be some of the first people to help a LEO in need, I know I would.
  6. We are too. At least the rain stopped. No way it'll dry out enough to work tomorrow.
  7. I thought the same thing, (loved my 1911) that was until I got my HK45. I've never looked back.
  8. If you still have it, I'll take it.
  9. Actually drove a M-48 at Ft. Knox. M-60A1 - M60A3's. M551 Sheridans when I was in the Calvary. Germany was all M60s and we did start the training to transition to the M1. I left Germany at the beginning of 82. Yeah, I'm what they call a dinosaur tanker.
  10. One of the guys I was on tanks with in Germany, was as anti Army as you could get. Even had FTA under the brim of his hat in Germany. The crazy bastard got out and I lost track of him. 15 years later I found "Hoss" once again. The crazy bastard got out of the Army and reenlisted two weeks later, and was accepted to Ranger school! Retired as a Sargent First Class in the Rangers. Proceeded to work at Ft. Bragg as a civilian. We lost him 4 years ago to cancer. Hoss, if you can read this upstairs, I miss ya bro!
  11. Thanks! It does fill the top of the receiver out quite nicely.
  12. Thanks Sketch. I can thank a certain desert rat shooting 308 porn pusher. His original post on the ACSS reticle, and the scope, is what convinced me to buy it. I've never bought a piece of glass before sight unseen. It's a 4-16X44 ACSS HUD model and it's been a long time coming. And I couldn't be happier with it.
  13. To late for the what's in the mail, more like it's already mounted and installed. Showed up last week, new scope, mount and drop in hand guard. And the pig didn't lose or gain an ounce.
  14. The Malaysian surplus from SGAMMO is my favorite so far. It's great plinking or SHTF stock pile ammo for sure.
  15. Nice collection bud. Next on my list is a USP and a P30L.
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