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    Shooting sports, Boating, Camping, Fishing, WWII Airplanes

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  1. beantown

    What is your favorite SHTF stock pile ammo?

    The Malaysian surplus from SGAMMO is my favorite so far. It's great plinking or SHTF stock pile ammo for sure.
  2. beantown

    Pictures of Handguns

    Nice collection bud. Next on my list is a USP and a P30L.
  3. beantown

    London Gun Control at work

    Wait, three gunman and only 2 people were shot out of 100? WTF is right, sounds more like a hit squad.
  4. beantown

    Pictures of Handguns

    No where near as many as blue109 Walther collection. But my H&Ks are multiplying. I picked up the HK45 last Sunday. It was an Armlist deal that was really an ad and not a scam. It's a safe queen with less than 200 rounds through it. And a price that was to good to be true. I pounced on it and so glad I did! The P2000SK in .40 Short and Wicked is my EDC pistol. And I'm with ya blue on the Euro mag release, I love it.
  5. beantown

    Vegas Shooting

    Way to much hush hush about the shooter. Someone knew some thing. To fire a bump stock that well he had to have practiced his ass off. The question is where. And if he had an instructor, where is this person. So we pretty much had a nobody millionaire, with no known motive, who left no political affiliation behind at the scene, come out of no where and slaughters 60 people? This whole thing stinks to high heaven.
  6. beantown

    Opinion on 88 pathfinder?

    Suck about the truck, just glad you're OK. That was a hard hit.
  7. beantown

    New 45ACP Shield

    Damn Doc you sure as heck threw a big ole chunk of bait out with that link. Sell the three lowers and it's a 300 dollar steal!
  8. beantown

    Fresno shooting, 3 dead...

    Not one word on the Alabama shooting. Seriously, I didn't even know it had happened.
  9. beantown

    Fresno shooting, 3 dead...

    And they took him alive.
  10. beantown

    My First 308 Build (Progress Thread)

    Nice looking rifle pyzik.
  11. beantown


  12. beantown

    Aero frustrations

    Nice job on the rifle build Josh. How did the muzzle brake do?
  13. beantown

    Intense Balls Of Steel...

    I wouldn't walk down half the stuff he rode down. Mad freakin skilZZZZ! His imaginate video is the bomb. Incredible talent.
  14. beantown

    Real Oh Shiit Moments...

    Awesome pics!
  15. beantown

    Rossi 12ga shotgun pistol

    I have an old Savage single shot 12 gauge........how is this legal? I'm all over it if it is.