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Weaver SPR Scope Mount Zero Repeatability?

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Hmm? So I bought this Weaver SPR Scope mount for my AR-10. Kinda Cheapy, I know, but it looked pretty solid with the 4 bolts per ring and all. So I zeroed it in with my Nikon 3x9 BDC at 100 yds. All good, scope holds zero even on my 300 winmag. I took the mount off (thumbscrews) to practice with my BUIS and when I put it back on my POI was 5moa low? That seems like a lot! No? Is there some truck I am missing? I tried my best to install the same way. How repeatable should my zero be? I can deal with 1 or 2 moa but 5?

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When I mount a QD scope/scope mount, it always goes in the same slots, pressure applied downward and firmly against the fixed side of the mount, pushed forward against the slot lugs.

Thumb screws aren't exactly precision either.  Depending on ring/mount maker, they will specify a torque setting in in/lbs.  That makes it consistent.

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On 3/28/2017 at 2:30 PM, FreQRiDeR said:

.45mm, to be exact. 

Can that make a difference? I mean, If I move a half a mm closer or farther? Seems pretty nominal?


23 hours ago, planeflyer21 said:



^^^  What he said.  It can make a HUGE difference.  About 5moa to be exact. 

Always move the mount/rings fully forward in/on the base.  Recoil won't knock them "backwards" that way.

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    Some Weaver Rings/Mounts are made to work with Weaver type mounts & Picatinny Rails , they are different mounting systems & may not be as accurate as just if they are made for Picatinny Rails .

   I don't remove my scopes once set & sighted in , so I dont worry about them re-zeroing , even though I have a bunch of Warne QD Ring sets .

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