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Adjustable gas block question

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I'm a fan of adjustable blocks. Especially if you plan to run it suppressed. Just to take some of the pounding of the back pressure off it, if nothing else. As far as brands? That'll turn into the Ford vs Chevy argument pretty easy. I would say, just look around and find something you like (design-wise that is).

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On 8/2/2017 at 9:21 PM, First Sergeant said:

May possibly consider using an adjustable gas block at some point. .308 DPMS platform.  

Would prefer one that adjust from the front as to not have to take the for end off. 

I see Odin has one. Any thoughts on it or any others?  

Thanks in advance 


Just ordered one from optics planet. On sale right now for $43 with coups. 

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Shot this yesterday. All went well. Started off 4 clicks out from closed. Loaded one (WWB ball) 

Got lock back. Went back to 2 and 3 for a couple more singles and the bolt didn't lock back. 

Back to 4 clicks. Worked well with WWB, Rem 150 grain, SB 180, a few hand loaded 168 grain, Aussie. F4. 

Took ejection path from 1oclock to 3-4. Brass piled up in an approx 20" circle. 

Worked both with standard DPMS buffer / spring and sprinco orange / KAK other than a bit of difference in the push not a huge variable.  I'm a little torn there, I like a heavier set up. Kind of compared to liking a heavier clutch to a lighter one. Meh, good to know it works with both.  

For what it's worth  only metering to about 25% of the available gas seems like a pretty gassy gun? I should have measured the gas port in the barrel when the block was off but got tunnel vision in getting it put together and running 

The SLR was the icing on the cake if you will. I admittedly think I was in denial about gas. No regrets & appreciate the info here. 


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