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Took PSA 9 days before they emailed me letting me know that the upper I ordered Is out of stock!

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Here is in a Nut shell. on march 23 I order 

PSA Gen2 PA10 18" Midlength .308 WIN 1:10 Stainless Steel 15.5" Odin Works Lightweight M-lok Upper - With BCG and CH -5165447974 

I order as soon as it came back in stock because I had been waiting for the Odin Works upper to show back up.  (it and a few others I liked)

I place the order everything goes through as it should. Within a day or 2 the rest of the lower parts come in stock, I ordered them too. 

This week 4/2/2018 parts start showing up. Today the tracking number for the order with upper says it was delivered with a few other parts placed in the same order. 

I got home only to find the other parts no upper. 10 minuets latter I miss a phone call from PSA. They leave a voice mail saying there was an "inventory issue"??? just after that I get this email. 


PSA says they have a different upper I can have and they will refund the difference. This is all well and good but it took 9 Business days for them to realize they did not have the inventory!? I also really liked that Odin works rail :embarrassed: 

I'm currently on hold. I will update. 


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Just got off the phone with PSA after 34 minutes of hold time. I talked to a sales rep for 2 minutes. I gave them my  order number and they said yes it is out, and a supervisor would call me tomorrow. 

^Sorry for the grammatical errors. I did not proof read, and cant edit now.^

I will update tomorrow. A little disappointed right now...

PSA phone call.png

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I know it sucks, but you can always accept that sub, get the Odin handguard that you want, and swap it - then sell the one they're sending you.  Shiitty way to have to go about it, but it'll get you what you want.

Look up the handguard that they're using on the sub - find the retail on that, and the retail on the Odin that you want, and tell them to send you the sub at THAT price difference, since that will be the only practical difference.  :thumbup:

Josiah needs to jump into this one - hope he sees it.

@Palmetto State Armory

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Yeah looking to do something like that. Maybe get a basics upper (few bucks off the top please PSA) because I plan to upgrade to an adj GB. Then I can change the rail whenever I feel like it.

I sent Josiah a massage. 

Thanks for the input,  i'll report tomorrow.

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I had a good talk with PSA today.  It was a call from a supervisor. 

As a lot of people have thought PSA does build there uppers as the orders come in.

So when I ordered the Odin upper it was just a Box of parts. PSA realized that there was a fitment issue with the PSA upper and the Odin barrel nut. They worked with Odin to get a new barrel nut that would work. The 2nd one still had problems so PSA dropped the rail and emailed all the people that had ordered it.  Odin did not come up with a fix I guess.

 So at this point PSA is not selling the Odin upper anymore. 

PSA will be sending me this upper and giving me a small refund  for the inconvenience.


So to SUM it up, it took 9 days to get an email because they were working with Odin to try and solve the problem with the rail \ upper fitment . 

Here is the follow up email PSA sent me after I talked to them on the phone.

So Thank you and good job on Fixing my problem PSA. :thumbup:



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19 minutes ago, edgecrusher said:

Yes, but in fairness they could have been up front about it. They made good and that’s better than most.

in that time frame (9 days or something)  of new rnd id say decent not excelent.. odin works had the ball and dropped it. cant blame psa 100% and they made good? they are finally listening.. 

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Not really sure how both companies went about it. I would think PSA should have sent Odin the specs or an upper Ahead of time and let them build a barrel nut around the PSA upper. On the phone I asked more questions but they did not want to talk about what went on behind closed doors?? So whatever that means. Snake oil and fu fu dust..

ultimately PSA made it right, so again good job stepping up the CS.

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That's a good lookin' handguard, man.  It's almost identical to the GunTec USA Mod Lite handguard I used for the short Grendel. I'd say you're far better off with that one, than anything I can find on the Odin page. PSA did good on this, and what they said for a reason sounds good, too.  That's acceptable, on this end of 9 days, the way they get smoked with orders routinely.


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Yup, After PSA realized Odin works sent barrel nuts that wouldn't properly allow the gas tube to fit properly that caused a hiccup in production ... that whole lack of a Mil-spec thing for .308AR's.

I can see how being large company's, a thing like this would cause a timing / "inventory" issue. The replacements were supposed to work.. but didn't, so back they go to be altered to fit again.

Remember, sometimes a comment like "inventory issues" ... might mean more then just what it says. ( we've all done stuff like that )

9 days would feel like a long time to most everyone, I am glad PSA was able to ultimately make you happy.

Enjoy your PSA .308 AR... I know I have. You'll find it , with the right ammo, and PSA's Lifetime warrenty... will give you years of happiness.

I am feeling better and better about PSA everyday. They do care, and are trying hard to sell a excellent product at a good price. Like all companies there are going to be some hiccups.

Edited by bfoosh006
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BTW... PSA does watch these forums... and is constantly improving their product.

The newest production GenII's have slightly improved magwells, a few 1/1000ths looser width fit... allowing mags to drop free better. ( No more burnishing needed......:thumbup:)

I also understand they are taking the .308 AR industry standard gas port size issue under further refinement... IE , it is probably going to be smaller ( if it isn't already on current production )... we all know the .308 cartridge has ample gas for function, so to me a smaller gas port size is a darned good idea... with no reduction in "combat" reliablity... ( IE filthy, nasty, far less then ideal conditions )

So .... keep talking guys... PSA is listening... and they really do want you to have a firearm you can literally trust your life with.


Edited by bfoosh006
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