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Shooter killed; good guy with gun

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I was going to post this, but was going to wait until they released more information, probably later this morning.

What I've been able to glean is this:

Shooter is DRT; 1 adult female and 1 juvenile female (mother and daughter) shot; 1 adult male broke his leg while running away from the restaurant; 1 male with "minor injuries," minor enough that OCPD isn't necessarily including him in all their press releases.

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As it turns out, there were actually two (2) concealed carry license holders who handled the situation. Both were in the parking lot at the time, both had left their weapons in the trunks of their cars (because Louie's has a 'no weapons' policy, which I tend to ignore, but that's another story for another day), and both approached the shooter at the same time. One was ordering him to drop the weapon (an action which, in and of itself, was illegal in Oklahoma until November 2017). When he didn't, and then made some sort of move toward one of the men, they each squeezed off a round (or two -- info is still fuzzy on that).

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On 5/29/2018 at 1:47 PM, 98Z5V said:

Strange update to this one - looks like tips were called in to the FBI two different times, prior to this incident happening.


I haven't read that article, but I do know some of the information that has been released regarding that.

Being crazy isn't a crime, so the FBI, OCPD, OSBI, etc. etc. couldn't have done anything about it. Further, it is extremely difficult in Oklahoma to involuntarily commit someone to a mental institution -- they have to pose a credible threat to themselves or someone else before they can even be EOD'ed (Emergency Order of Detention) for 72-hour observation.

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