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Wife’s New Ride...


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My wife’s parents offered to buy her 2009 Charger from us, at a price we couldn’t pass up. So she needed something new(er). 

She wanted a Toyota Highlander. Until she drove a new Chevy Traverse. Which she loved. 

To round things out, I suggested she try a Dodge Durango. She did, and was so-so about it. 

Until she saw this:


So now it's in our driveway. 2018 (used) R/T AWD, 26k miles. Nicest damned Dodge I've ever driven.

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25 minutes ago, 308kiwi said:


We had one of those as a rental last year when we were in the US, did 6500 miles in it, great vehicle, wanted to bring it home with me but Alamo Rentals wanted it back.


Funny story, I just ran the build sheet on this one. It was originally ordered by Budget Rent-A-Car. Leased by them for 5 months, then turned over to auction.

The dealer we bought it from had 2 more identically equipped, same color, similar mileage. CarMax shows 8-10 identical ones, similar mileage, exact same price, nationwide.

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47 minutes ago, blue109 said:

Pretty cool looking truck. Since you posted this ive seen 4 of them in the same color. Not sure if ive just never noticed or maybe the rental fleet unloaded a ton of them nationwide.  

Both, probably.

Our dealership had 3. CarMax showed about a dozen w/in 500 miles, and several other local dealers had 1 here and there.

My wife used to work at a local (small-ish) auto auction, and told me that rent-a-car places usually offload their cars after 4-6 months and less than 30k miles. After 30k, the value of "this year's" car drops substantially.

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On 9/20/2018 at 7:16 AM, COBrien said:

I'll stick to my 345, since I paid a shade more than half that $72k.

I've got one of those 345's (5.7) hemi's in my 70 Cuda. It has a 6.2 Hemi cam in it with TTI headers and an Edelbrock 750 carb, everything else is stock. That little bastard is a terror in that 3400 lb. car!

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I'd love to do lots of things to this Durango. But, for now, it's the wife's daily, and also the family wagon. Plus it's still got another 75k of factory powertrain warranty. Just doing pedestrian stuff to it now -- WeatherTech floor liners, side window deflectors, replacing chrome badging with black, things like that. I may have her talked into a mid-muffler delete, though...

Now, when the time comes to trade my 2013 JK Unlimited, I may buy the wife something new and take over the Durango. Then the fun will begin.

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