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Wrong gas tube but it works...

Chuck Plissken

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6 minutes ago, Chuck Plissken said:

I cant find a armalite ar10 mid length gas tube anywhere. That's what I'm reading is "correct " but no luck. Any help on locating one to make it right? 

Armalite only has carbine and rifle lengths in stock and listed but no mods at all...


Thanks for any help

Armalite doesn't make an AR-10 midlength gas tube.  The only thing they do for the AR-10 is Carbine length and Rifle length - and those numbers are different than AR15 gas tubes. 

What you're looking for is an Armalite AR-10 Carbine gas tube, which measures...

DPMS Gas Tube/AR 15/16


  Pistol             6-5/8

  Carbine          9-3/4

  Mid-Length  11-3/4

  Rifle             15-1/4





Armalite lengths,


Rifle ( 308 ) ----- 15.5 "

Carbine ( 308 )--12 1/16"

super SASS Carbine ( 308 )--11"

Super SASS< Rife (308 )   ?

Mid ,( 223 )------------------ 11 3/4"

Carbine ( 223) --------------- 9 3/4 "

Rifle ( 223 ) ------------------- 15 3/16"

AR15 National Match---------15 3/16"   (That's myinformation, from the one I have here...)

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3 hours ago, DNP said:

Any updates on this?


Curious to see what turns up. Will the right length on the tube expose other issues, or just keep plugging along like it has?  Let us know when you know @Chuck Plissken

So far..my order from dsg arms hasn't came in...it shipped late and is stuck 2 hrs away. USPS really sucks ass. 

To be honest it runs great. I shot 2 mags through it over the weekend with no issues like always. I run 147-150gr weights only but would like to try some 168-175gr ammo next for fun. Its a short range gun 0-500yds. 

I'm guessing the gas port (.082) must be a good size to send enough pressure to cycle the bolt with the shorter gas tube. I also believe the gas tube seats inside the gas key making a seal keeping pressure where it needs to be. 

I'm going to keep it the way it is. 

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1 hour ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

It shows out of stock at the moment.   Get on their notification list and/or call them on Monday. 


Armalite is where I got both mine. They will most likely be back in stock soon. As stated above get their notification email when it's in stock. 

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Contacted wilson. Ombat and their customer service person is a real smart ass. His first reply was "so the gas tube you bought from us is to short?" I said no and explained. He then sent back that he will let the website people own that AR10 rifles need AR10 gas tube. I said you are either trying to be a smart ass or you dont understand anything. Tempted to call and get someone higher up to complain to. 

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