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Knife Sharpening


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I may be interested in buying a knife sharpener or .  .  . "sharpening system."  :)

I am wondering what products are used by all of you that you like.  As always,  most of my sharp edges are the thin kitchen knives.  I also have some thick Chinese knives- - -  the ones that look like cleavers,  that are mostly expensive chunks of stainless steel.  There are a few other knives,  the kind that have sheaths,  but except for the one or two cheap ones that open a lot of letters,  they seldom need any sharpening.

It would be nice to have a device to sharpen all of these.  Maybe it would be better to have two different devices/systems,  one for the thin knives and another for that expensive specialty edged steel?

What do you have,  and what do you recommend that is available currently?

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ok, i'm a little old school. i don't know anything about sharpening systems, but weaponizer, i have always been taught not to put a knife on a wheel.  the heat cycle put into the blade weakens or can deform the steel. i use sharpening stones, wet, and yes it's slow but i can get them sharp enough to shave the hair off my arm.

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I do agree that the wheels or mechanical driven stones will burn and weeken a blade, they will also take to much metal off the edge.

I also use a simple wet dimond stone then run the blade over a smoothing stone to remove any ruff edges. Doing this closes up the blade and the edge lasts much longer. As far as the Kitchen knives I use the sharpener made into the can opener.

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Thank you for these ideas and thoughts.  I do not have a bench grinder and no place to set one up.  The idea of that system is interesting,  with the reservations already expressed.

I used a diamond stone that had the glue between the handle and steel plate come apart.  Time to try some Gorilla Glue or buy another one. 

I guess I am hoping for something quicker for the kitchen knives.  Maybe pick up a mechanical sharpener like the ones advertised with a wood or plastic holder and and some ceramic 'stones?'

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I understand the reservations everyone has about stone wheels and knives as do i, in the system i shown the wheels are cardboard, and one is covered with a fine grit, and the other a compound just to take the burr off, its simple and works for me, but you have to work with whats comfortable for yourself...

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