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AR10 kit


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That's funny. I was just going through my parts bins the other day (taking inventory), and I came across 3 Armalite carbine tubes and 5 springs. Hell, I had forgotten that I had those......thus the inventory thing. Surprisingly enough though, I only had one carbine gas tube. Now that doesn't sound like me at all. I'm usually too obsessed with redundancy to just have one.

The overall inventory was productive though. What started with a pencil and a clipboard, turned into 4 pages of $hit. :laffs:

Found 4 AR-15 stripped lowers. One was even already engraved as an SBR lower. Apparently I forgot to build that one. It ain't easy being as dumb as I am ya know.

Found a billet Black Rain fallout 10 matched set that I never built. And most of all.......2 stripped Armalite AR-10 lowers. One of them was to build a second SASS, but I was gonna have Tom hit it with his FDE paintjob. I got the handguard /gas system from Pat Raley a while back. I think the other was for an A2 carbine that I used the lower for my Leonidas SBR.

And then.............................TONS of parts. Sheesh......as if I don't have enough projects going on around the house already. :lmao:

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