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newby looking for input

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New to forum.Working on first AR build. Building a AR10 and maybe be sacrilegious but going with 7mm-08.Hey half my toys are 7mm and works well using same projectiles in most of them.

Question right now.Bolt carrier group and barrel selection. More limited on suppliers due to the 7mm-08. Anything special about the m matching up and head spacing all being right? Do I need a matched set or will pieces from separate manufactures work. Rear on one site had to be both theres or would not work. Build is more for long range shooting and going with 22" barrel HBAR, fluted in SS. Looking at cpl different manufactures, but open to suggestions. Not biggest budget in world,but not looking to build cheapest thing either. Don't mind if have to spend to get better as long as its worth cost and not just hype. Only person I have to impress is me,but I am picky SOB.


On bolt carriers are there any big benifit to the higher priced stuff as far as reliable under normal use,its not a combat piece. Not going to try to melt the barrel or anything. Suggestions welcome.

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9 hours ago, wideopen231 said:

 Don't mind if have to spend to get better as long as its worth cost and not just hype. Only person I have to impress is me,but I am picky SOB.


Suggestions welcome.

About the only thing I will say is since you want to go with 7mm-08 it's going to be costly.

Expect to possibly have a lot of problems to solve because of going off the beaten path.

Do lots of reading and research before you buy ANYTHING.



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7mm08 shouldn't be a problem , same BCG & same Head Space Gage as a 308 win. , , same Magazines .The Barrel will only be the only one that will have less choices available . 

Why a 22" ? You may have to have a custom made bbl. for that length .

I load 7mm08 ammo for a customer with a Rem. 700 & he love the cal. & the ammo ( 139gr. Hornady SST & IMR 4064 ). Long range is not what I call the 7mm08 , its not all that different then the 308 Win ..

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well by log range i Don't mean 500 plus.It does not have the power for that IMO. Its a good 300 yrd. and maybe 400 under perfect conditions. Talking deer size animals. I want very good accuracy at those ranges.  As for custom Barrel already priced that in and looking at around 400 for barrel. As for 22" I feel it should give good velocity while little less than 24" I doubt I am good enough to know difference. Have not found any 7mm-08 barrels as standard deal. Heck same cases except.024 smaller neck.


Yes same everything except barrel.


Are trigger pins in same location in relation  to bolt catch and mag. as AR-15. Have jig on the way and will know then,just wondering after doing some looking at two.

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