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27 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

good looking rifle, what are you going to shoot in it and how much powder? also you shooting black powder or a substitute?

Thanks...I have some Hornady SST's, i forget the weight, gonna start with 100grains or pellets and go from there.......eventually and if I can go and keep hunting with it, I might switch over to the Blackhorn 209.....if I don't manage to get out I might just try to sell or trade the either muzzleloader...

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  • 3 years later...

"Inherited" a couple of 0.50 cal. muzzle loaders, when my dad and uncle (both well into their 80s) requested I clear out the old gun cabinet in the family's remote fishing/hunting cabin before someone possibly broke in and stole the contents.  Never hunted with a muzzle loader before, but starting to get a bit excited at the prospect of a couple of more weeks of deer season for a very nominal cost.   Older No. 11 percussion cap guns, but in excellent shape.  Where I currently hunt in SC allows scopes, and one of the rifles is an inline with a real crappy old Simmons 3-9x32 scope on it.  Think I'll borrow the rings and a fairly decent Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 off of one of my .22s and see what kind of groups I can get with the thing.

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Heck, I was happy to locally find pyrodex pellets period. Read that the 777 powder and more modern stuff don’t do well with No. 11 percussion caps. And there seems to be something of a powder shortage…go figure. Found an old online manual for this particular gun and it does include some pellet loads for both 100 & 150g.  If I come across some 30g, I’ll definitely try them. Going to make a range day with the muzzleloader and trying 9 different commercial loads for the hunting AR10. Just to see if any one really out performs the others. 

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Not too bad for a 20 y.o. hand me down. Did fine w/ 2 50gr pyrodex pellets and Hornady 290 gr Boredriver bullets.  Main things I picked up in my learning curve - swabbing between every shot is critical for consistency- these things are dirty AF. And, a small paper clip is critical kit gear for clogged nipples. Hope to try it out on a whitetail soon!155A0FA1-6310-4D27-8B90-7EACFE93DAC4.thumb.jpeg.8275b9d8c94f832d32d4ddf95ce77c47.jpeg

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