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basic combat pistol course👍


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Well if you carry concealed or other, pratice should be in your future.. I say practice but not what you do on your own? I am a decent shot at any range with a pistol on paper. Ive owned a pistol for about 22 years, and have what I thought was a good (grip) on shooting as I cc for the last 10 years. Yesterday I took some friends and dads to a basic combat pistol class. (fathers day present)I was humbly overwhelmed by what I was fundamentally missing! let alone the  just talking and scenario section of the class.. not as a legal teaching but kind of a do's and don'ts as well as what to look for and some easy guidlines to follow.  

 The colors of situational awareness:

white/ yellow/orange/red/black.. 

also  o.o.d.a. its hard to explain from my point of view but with a person as my instructor that has mill/ leo/ swat under his belt, he has a story that he has actually been thorough to explain how this works! Then the adrenaline part. lots to learn lots to take in and digest.. but I hope i dont hit that level or am as prepared as possible!

next was lets do some hands on drills! 

We are cold range for the first part so we dont have to review the saftey part real time!  We learn to draw from the hip in 3 steps.

Safe gun handling: Ignorance and carelessness can kill. 

we started with stance. there are 3 he spoke on but traind isosceles (spelling?) square up to your target.

grip: hit the pistol in the holster as high up as possibe

sight aligment/ combat sight picture ( both eyes open) front sight 

Trigger pull and reset

low ready and assess

position "soul" and scan for other threats. 

soul is a neat way to stay ready but not up in a fighting stance! hands and gun to chest 360 pan.. 

then we do combat and tactical relodes and the knowledge of why and when to store mags .

whew!! Time to go hot! Implement all that!! Its a great experience to say the least! Everyone had so much fun we skipped lunch and put in about 8 hours of a day learning and praticing new skills! 

I recommend finding a class even if your a novice and train with other people not as experienced.. you will learn from their mistakes. 

I left alot out,  but its alot to take in.. last of all thanks to @magwa for the kimber 1911 I was able to lone it to a vet for the first part of hands on so he could get the basics down good enough to handle his compact pistol..  then I finished the day with the kimber. This pistola is lights out!! Thank you brother!!🍻🇺🇸

Ill pratice this for some time and take class 2 and he offers a carbine course.. im hooked!!  as its been said. " best fun you can have with your clothes on" !! 

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