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Range Day 27 Oct 2019


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Went out last Sunday to test some more of the NEXUS ammo - ran through .308 Win 168gr, .260 Rem 139gr Laupa Scenar, and the 77gr .223 Rem loads. 

Here's the Usual Suspects for this one - the 20" .308 bolt gun, the Mk12 Mod 1, and the .260 Rem.


My winds were from due South, and I shoot due West - so Full Value wind from left to right.  Wind on the Kestrel was varying 8.9mph~14.3mph - sucked.  But, I'm set up, so I'm shooting it.

Here's the overall look out there, paper at 100, IPSC steel at 500 and 850.


Here's an inset pic of that 500:


Here's the inset of the 850:


Even with dealing with wind, I got those 5.56 loads on steel at 850 - but it was 5 3/4 mils of wind hold.  In the pics below, the dull spash on steel is .308 Win.  The super-shiny centers on splash is .260 Rem.  The little tiny "pokes" on the target are 5.56...

Here's the 500:


The 850:


I'll take that, for a shiit-wind day.  :thumbup:   I've never tried to put 5.56 out to 850 in winds like that.  It was valuable info, though...  Those three tiny dings at the bottom, in a line, are the 5.56 hits.  The two dark splashes left-of center (one in the white) are .308 Win.  That bright silver splash, one in the head and one in the neck, right edge, are .260 Rem. That gun just rocks.  :hail:




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12 minutes ago, sketch said:

Great range report brother! The .556 challange looks like just that.. a wicked challenge! bread and butter on the big boys minus the wind factor! 🍻

That 5.56 took a minute to figure out.  Almost half a 20-rd mag.  That bitch was DRIFTING, bigtime.  I've never shot 5.56 in that kinda shiit, at the 850 - LEARNED ALOT ABOUT IT, with that, and it was very vaulable info...  The .308 168gr did great, in that wind - for a 168.  I had some wind hold on that fucker for those, but it performed. My 178-load would have smoked that.  That .260 didn't give a shiit...  That wind didn't fuk with it much. 

That .260 against any wind is kind like me, brother...   :lmao:


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