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No more oil


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I'm not sure how the nickel boron compares to titanium nitrate but I have a 1911 barrel on my SV that is TIN coated, and it's got thousands of rds through it without showing any wear at all on the outside where it fits into the slide, the way a normal blued barrel would. I also want to try some of these coatings. I;m especially interested in trying the salt bath heat treating on one of my barrels. Yes it does look like a good find. If any of you guys try any of this stuff, we will expect a review.

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Ever since SI Defence sent my 308 "Fail Zero" receiver, I have been in love with NiB. Without trying emasculate my rifle, the NiB is really silky smooth.

I knocked the idea around for a while and finally pulled the trigger this week. I shot an email to WMD Guns and they said they would NiB coat my Adam Arms Piston kit. They quoted me $120 to finish the bolt, the carrier and the piston/cup.

I'm strangely comfortable with the cost and should be sending my parts in in the next few days.


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I'm not sure how the nickel boron compares to titanium nitrate but I have a 1911 barrel on my SV that is TIN coated,

I have custom valves made for race engines, and have them TIN coated.  I've been thinking of having a set NIB coated and see what happens.  The TIN coating does everything I need, on a critical part, and it's been working very well thus far - not one failure in the past 3 years of doing this.  I'm positive the NIB coating would reduce even more friction, and wear just as well.  I just wonder if they can get it on there without increasing valve stem diameter.  If they can't, it'll bind in the valve guides and lockup.  Also, if it's increasing diameter, what would I have to do in the valve machining process to get them to come out correctly...  Questions for the coaters... 

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I love it!  <laughs>

I work in the industrial field. When we do stuff like this we often have to have the opposing part lapped to size. In your case this would be the valve guides.

We have lapped holes in solid carbide

I cheat.  Guide reamers for the metrics come in 0.5mm increments, and getting a custom one made would suck.  I know, I'm getting custom valves made...  :o

I'd send off a few to get coated, measure the diameters before and after, and cut one set of guides for those two valves.  Since these are 6mm stems, if the coating brought them up to 6.2mm, that would be a PITA to find a reamer for that - I'd have the newest valves made with 5.8mm stems, coat them up to 6mm, and then they're direct drop-ins...  <thumbsup>

I'm lazy.  <laughs>

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