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300BLK for 3gun


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I I shot a 3gun match this weekend using  my 300BLK build for the first time. I didn't do as well as would have liked, but the fault lies with the operater, the 300 ran flawlessly. I found the gun to be  accurate even tough I was shooting with iron sights. One thing I found was that all of my hits at distance were uniformly low, even though I had sighted in for 100yds. Not sure what to make of that, I guess I'll have to recheck zero. With the adjustable gas system an light weight BC, the gun shoots much softer than my.223 carbine,  another  thing I really liked was the texture on the OD in the Apex FF tube, much better grip than a carbon fiber tube. I'm really happy with the build. This one's definitely a keeper!




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Damn Jgun, that's a nice rig, brother - really nice.  <thumbsup>  I think you just sold me on the Apex tube, too.  I've got a Mega billet lower that I've been "storing," patiently, wanting to turn it into a 300BLK.  I was kicking the idea around of the Mono upper to match it, but I'm also leaning towards the billet upper with another rail option.  This just might be the option...  ;D <thumbsup>

That's a nice rifle, right there. 

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You know, there's a lot of different ways to put these AR's together, and depending on your planned use, some of the different configurations make more sense than others, also, if you build something with a specific use in mind, you don't have to allow for changing accessory mounting requirements. I have always liked the look of the tactical rails on an AR, and have them on all my other AR's. I really hate the look of the competition race guns I see at the matches, with all the shiny parts and fancy blue  or red anodized receivers, I think they look too much like sporting equipment for my taste. But the Apex (although it's taken me a while to get used to it) kind of covers all the bases for me. It's so light that I can actually feel the difference when swinging the gun, but it has the ability to mount rails if you need them, and as mentioned before, the texture is really grippy. Don't know it I'd choose it for a combat gun but for the purpose I built the gun for, I think it's ideal. Now all I have to do is select the right optic, get my long range holdovers figured out, and I'll be good to go. I was thinking that the problems I had during the match may have been due to the fact that I was shooting the last of all my load development test rds, so I was shooting different weight bullets with different powder charges, Like Drew says, once I get that stuff sorted out, I plan to get em next time, LOL.

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Based on this, I think it's likely to become more popular for 3gun in the next year.

As soon as I chrono my 125gr test loads and decide between the 125's and the 145's, I plan to start loading in bulk so that I'll be able to get my long range hold overs figured out.


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First, Horner is just a badass...  <thumbsup>  He could be shooting footballs, and that would work.  I'm just sayin'.  He's golden.  <dontknow>

Seeing the AMU shooting 300BLK - especially by him. 

That says something.  <thumbsup> ;D

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As you say, with his skill, Horner would probably win with 5.56 as well, but I think it's significant the the AMU, with their resources, who can shoot anything they want, even going so far as to create the 30 gremlin, choose to run 300BLk on the short courses.

For me, if shooting the a match that recognizes power factor, the scoring advantage of major PF is a benefit, besides, I can actually see my .30cal hits on close targets and make up a miss or bad hit. With my eyes I have a tough time seeing those little .22 holes, LOL.

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I wonder if the AMU bothered to test the 7.62X40 Wilson. If it shoots flatter/longer than the 300BLK, it might be well suited to 3gun. Right now, I'm finding that the case length on 300BLK is the limiting factor on how much powder I can load. My 125gr bullet with 21.5gr of LIL GUN powder, is just about the max I can fit in the case. If I had an extra .200" case length, I might be able to get a faster/flatter bullet, unless pressure became a problem. I may possibly experiment with the Wilson down the road.

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  • 10 years later...

Interesting post, thanks!

We are planning on having an outlaw match every year, NFA items welcome, and I plan to use my 300BLK arm braced handgun at some point. It should be fun. But I also need to develop a load and figure out my hold overs. I'll probably use 147gr bullet pulls at first and load them supersonic . It might not be ready for this years spring match. I might also get a mold and cast light bullets that I can drive supersonic. Nothing is settled yet. Last match saw close range USPSA stages with reduced targets and also shooting out to 230 yards. 

I like the 300BLK. I think the problem folks have with it is that they either have no use for it or don't understand what it does (what it's for). But for those who do it's a really nice cartridge. 

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