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Can’t find a lower parts kit to fit my .308 receiver


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I've purchased 3 lower kits and they all claim to be DPMS compatible and none of them fit right. The mag releases are not long enough to screw the button on, the bolt catch has a roll pin instead of the threaded pin, and the takedown and pivot pins won't go in because the receiver has a ridge that prevents them from going in all the way. The spring and detent for the takedown pin goes up through where the handle goes instead of from behind by the buffer tube. None of the DPMS kits come with the handle that holds the spring in place. Also, the trigger assembly and safety selector will not fit together in the trigger pocket. So basically, nothing fits. Please help, I bought the receiver from Daytona Tactical SKU: DT1-006. Their customer service has been nonexistent, although I know they are probably slammed right now. I milled this receiver perfectly and don’t want it to go to waste. Thanks in advance. 

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Did you use a jig for the milling; if so, which one? When you say "milled perfectly"; did you work to a blueprint or published specification?

Does the safety selector go in if the trigger and hammer are both installed, and then the hammer is cocked? I'm guessing the trigger's tail is blocking the insertion of the safety selector?

When you refer to "handle"; do you mean the kits didn't come with a pistol grip?

What information do you have on the lower parts kits? Are they designed for a different 308; or could they be AR-15 LPKs? I've ordered things like the threaded bolt catch pin individually from Brownell's before.

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36 minutes ago, edgecrusher said:

Daytona tactical does not have a great reputation with what we have seen. You may want to go with someone else’s brand. Armalite is the only parts kit I use but Aero or a true DPMS kit may yield better results. Also, I have never seen the takedown pin detention done through the grip....

OEM DPMS does it, on LR-308 lowers.  Aero M5, too, brother. 

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  • 6 months later...

KAK Industry sells the longer mag release, has extra threads on it.


It doesn't come as part of an LPK because you don't always need it but apparently there are even AR15's (probably billet ones...?) that the standard one isn't long enough.

Here's URL:



I picked a few of these up assuming that I would need them, along with a few of their LR-308 LPK conversion kits, they contain the 4 parts that are different from what comes in a standard AR15 LPK that you need to build a 308 lower. 

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Hi djn720 -

I read back over some of the other items in your OP - not sure if this will help or not but it might be worth trying one of KAK's LR-308 LPK Conversion kits (link in my previous post above) -- it comes with the 308 specfic mag catch, threaded mag/bolt catch pin, and the 2 308-specific pins (front pivot pin and rear takedown pin).

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