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The Next 5.56 Project in the works...


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One thing I did get to do, that I never wanted to do previously, was just take it off and shoot the back up sights.  They've got a 200-yard zero on them, and shooting them was actually fun again...  <thumbsup> <laughs>

Shooting irons, with a long sight radius, was fun again.  Not much fun in the Army, when that was all we had, but I've been using red dots and optics for so damn long now - that I actually, really enjoyed that.  Smacking steel between 200~300 yards was fun again.  ;D

That has me thinking about something, and usually when I start thinking about something, it's gonna cost me money in very short order.  :o

I'm thinking of building an A2 full rifle with nothing but irons.  However, it'll be a National Match-equivalent rifle.  With a stainless barrel and wood furniture.  I know, I know, sounds like poop, right?  I think it's gonna turn out AWESOME!  <thumbsup>

My previous thoughts on my next build (and I still have a lower that's destined to be a 300BLK, too  :-[) ) - anyway, next build was planned as an AR45.  I got hands-on the CNC Guns AR45 dedicated lower last weekend at the range.  The Rangemaster actually has one, and he had it out there.  Very, very nice, and Sunday afternoon, that was "next."  I'm kinda hesitating on that now, and I really want to build this 20" thing that would end up being a very accurate shooter.  I'm confused...  :o

Here's a pic that is really killing me - this is the CNC Guns AR45 lower built into a complete 16" gun, AND it's got the wood furniture.  Opinions, please - even though my mind is pretty much made up...  <lmao>


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Sounds to me as though you've got a pretty enviable problem there, having to decide on the caliber/configuration of ANOTHER gun build LOL!!! Based on your last post, it sounds as though you've decided on the wood furniture 5.56 build. From seeing your other guns, including the one pictured above (beautiful build) I have no doubt that it will turn out well. Just to express a personal preference here, I think that an AR with wood furniture could be very attractive with the stainless barrel, but for my taste the thing to avoid is the tacky sporting equipment look. I'm thinking more hunting rifle look. Although I have no doubt that you'll get to those other builds, I'm thinking that, with the long range distance available to you, that 5.56 build may give you more pleasure to shoot.

Regarding the AR45,  What was your impression of it? Looks good with the wood furniture, is that one built with the Olympic Arms upper? The one that I tried had a heavy barrel and was heavier than needed for a pistol carbine IMO, As I've previously stated, if I were to do it again, I'd build one of them over the Super V, but $400 for the lower receiver is a lot, although I realize that he's only making a small number at a time. Looking forward to seeing the posts on your progress with this one.

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I was thinking the same thing, Jgun, as your first paragraph.  That known-distance range I shoot on has an iron sight-only varmint competition every month, shooting the steel silhouettes out to 405 yards.  I might want to get in that.  ;D  I know the A2 elevation wheel on the rifle is decently accurate, after using it at distance, back in the military days.  I'm thinking this one will be alot of fun, and more of a challenge than usual - especially with my eyes getting older now...  <lmao>

That AR45 pictured above isn't the one the Rangermaster had out last Sunday - ironically, I was looking for a decent pic of the wooden furniture (cruising the 'net), and that happened to be the best looking pic I could find.  The one that I handled last Sunday was set up very well, railed and 16" barrel, and it was an Oly upper (or select parts).  The guy said he only got the BCG and barrel from Oly, and put everything else together himself - he was explaining about a modification that he did where he didn't need to use the "Oly paperclip" for the ejector - which was pretty cool.  I didn't completely understand what all he did in order to get the ejection right, but it didn't involve drilling the upper receiver and putting in the Olympic spring (that is actually the ejector).  Next time I see him out there, I'll ask more detailed questions. 

Impression of the CNC Guns lower - pure quality.  Beautiful work.  The grease gun mags are awesome, and they fit that lower like it was always meant to be that way.  I held the carbine, and it was very well balanced, the way he had it set up, but I didn't ask him if I could shoot it - after I talk to him a couple more times, I'll definitely hint towards putting a few rounds downrange with it.  I wasn't thinking about it right then, but I should have snapped a cellphone pic, at least.  In the case with that AR45 was his .458 SOCOM, also...  <thumbsup>

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I don't wish to post this in the wrong place but i figure you'll move it along with the rest of the off optic review content, so, in reference to 98's comment's about the AR45, I think that once you've become friendly with the owner you need to ask him to try the .458 SOCOM out as well. I've ordered a .458 barrel (don't know when it will be done) that I'm planning to build an upper with. I've never actually shot one, so I would be grateful if you were able to ask the owner anything and everything you can think of about performace, loads, any feed issue's he might have had with it, basically anything that you can think of. Any info you can weasel out of him would be helpful.

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Jgun, I'll pimp him for information, that's for sure.  He casts his own bullets, machines some of his own bullets, all kinds of stuff.  I talked to him briefly during the shooting sessions, and the range closes at 5pm.  Funny that everybody kinda cleared out around 4:15 or so, so it was just my boy and I, and a friend of mine with his two sons.  Nobody else.  I started cleaning up around 4:45, and he was cleaning up with everything he had to do to close the range, and we just started talking.  Even though the place closes at 5, I don't think we left until around 6:15...  <lmao> <laughs>

He does something with empty 9mm cases, where he reloads those into .45 ACP cases.  It's strange.  He fills the 9mm case with cast lead, taper crimps the top in, then loads that into a .45ACP case, as the projectile.  After all that, he drills the 9mm projo out, into a HUGE hollowpoint.  It's wild.  It's one evil looking bullet, that's for sure.  Basically, a brass-jacketed .45ACP hollowpoint.  They star/spread out pretty damn well when he shoots them into steel plates.  I think my son asked him if he could have one of the shot projos, so I'll try to find it and get a pic up here.  <thumbsup>

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Sounds like someone that's thinking outside the box, and those guys are the most interesting to talk to, they've always got some crazy new idea, just not always good to stand next to them when they're trying them out. Definitely want to hear what he's got to say about the .458

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Due to UPS shipping vs. PO Box addresses, my wood was delayed.  <laughs>  Got all that figured out this morning, and my wood is scheduled to arrive next Monday.  <thumbsup>  As soon as it gets here, I'll have a short review (along with pics) posted directly. 

I did the laminated birch setup from Precision Firearms, in brown and tan. 


This is the 20" barrel I'll be using - Rock River National Match 20" SS heavy barrel, 1:8 twist, .223 Wylde chamber:


I know I stated "A2" as the build, but it will actually be the A4.  Flat top upper with detachable carry handle. What I'll probably end up going with, though kinda expensive, is the RRA NM carry handle with the 0.040" peep, and 1/4 x 1/4 MOA adjustments.  That upper front sight base, above, already comes with the skinny NM front sight post, something like 0.050" wide. 

Gonna be a fun one, me thinks.  :o <laughs>

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Got a Matech rear on the kid's AR - it's cool, but I'd rather have the 1/4 moa adjustment of the NM rear, that's on the carry handle.  Nobody makes a 1/4 moa rear for a flip up, or I'd look into that.  I could convert one of the chopped down rear A2 bolt-ons (like the LMT) with the 1/4 moa hardware, and that's a possibility.

I do like the KNS front sight blade/crosshair, though.  The barrel will come with the 0.050" front sight post, so I'll try that one, but I may just switch that out for the KNS piece.  <thumbsup>

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I should have my wood tomorrow sometime, and I'm into lower receiver parts for about $275 now.  That still doesn't include the safety, but does include the Armalite rifle receiver extension.  I went with the Geissele SSA-E trigger, KNS Precision "turned lower receiver pin kit," all Armalite springs (and bolt catch, mag release, and button).  Still need to source a few more small parts, probably from Brownells. 

Haven't ordered anything for the upper yet, but that'll happen soon enough.  I'll get pics up of my wood tomorrow night sometime, and I should have a complete lower ready to go by mid-week. 

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Alright, I DO have wood.  <thumbsup>

Very, very, VERY nice craftsmanship, fabulous finish, very nicely done.  I couldn't be more pleased.  I would recommend this company to anybody that is looking for high quality furniture such as this.  Precision Firearms is the name of the place, and if you call them, ask for Mark Hostetter.  He'll probably be the one that answers the phone anyway, but if he doesn't, then ask for him.  Great guy to talk to.  <thumbsup>

This is going to be one fantastic rifle when it's finished.  I don't have everything I need, but I do have a sweet parts list set up for this one.  It's going to be damn nice.  On to the wood, now...  <laughs>







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