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Laser Gun Sights


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Hello.... Every step of my progress towards a lr-308 leads me to more experimentation and more questions.  Here is a picture of my ElCheapo open sights, and upper assembly.  It is attached to a wooden base, of which I also fastened my new El Cheapo Laser.  It may not hold up to the shock of a 308, but I have read a review on how to fix it with epoxy when something seperates inside the laser.  For now it is being used as my bore sighter.  I have it aligned through a spent Casing and my finger on the front of the muzzle helped me to align that zone in the center.  It is right now better than an eyeball looking through my bore.


 My big question isn’t about boresighting...It’s about actually using a laser for aiming.  Let Say you have the laser attached to the handgaurd... If it dead center below the handgaurd, I can see that elevation-wise, there probably will be only one zero.  If the laser is attached to the side but is about 45 degrees upward with the bore being the center...Would you want the bullet to always hit parallel to the laser, and just know that you always shoot a constant let say 1.25” to the right or left of the laser dot?  Or would you zero azmithally at some yardage, basically splitting the difference in the medium range zones... left of the laser before the zero yardage, and right of the laser farther out...Anybody follow my thought?


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^ this and "Kentucky windage" i think it's called. same principle for rmr sights and or red dot. lasers are as far as you can see them, so best get a good one. I have used a laser bore sight but it's not set for more than say 50"'. 

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Lasers are only "aiming aids" and not sights, if you're using them for varying distances.  For anything further out, they're only used for target ID (pointing out targets for others around you).  Definitely not as a sight, that you can count on for hitting a target from your rifle.  If you only shoot at a target at a given distance, then you can zero the laser for that distance.  Otherwise, you'll need to know the holdovers for it for varying distances.  Just like knowing the holdovers for the reticle in your scope.

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Yes, I understand... I guess if then it is attached on the side or at 10:30, I would have to know if it is either parallel the whole way to my bullet path( not counting hold over/under) or if it crosses the bullet path at the horizontal zero at some point.

That is basically logic and I could choose the option,,, but yes I wouldn’t trust it as much as my iron sight or a scope... 

I would bet the best way to mount it would be over or under the barrel, not at 45 degrees 10:30 so as to not have zeros to deal with and to confuse

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