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RARR 300 BLK update


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Here is the rifle as I shoot it.  Ruger American Ranch 300 BLK with AR mags, Nikon P300BLK scope, form 1 suppresor.


This little beast shoots!  It isn't as light as it was when I got it due to the 3 rubber hose sections filled with lead shot inside the stock, but it now balances very well with the suppresor attached.

I've shot 110 gr Nosler Varmageddon subs using 4.4 gr of Trailboss.  110 gr Varm. supers with 19.1 gr of Lil'gun.  225 gr Hornady HPBT Match subs with 8.8 gr IMR 4227.

The 110 supers and 225 subs were loaded for my 300BLK AR pistol.  This thing loves all 3.  The only bullets I have found that it doesn't like are 125 gr Hornady FB with any grain of Trailboss loaded.  It just doesn't like them going subsonic.  They are shaping up to work great as supers out of the pistol and once I have that load nailed down I'll bring them back here and see if they work as supers in the Ruger.  As reported elsewhere the AR mag springs are a bit strong and I might remove a coil or two from them to reduce the tension on the bolt with a full mag.  30 round Pmags and the 110 supers were VERY stiff feeding, but the 225 subs fed fine out of the 30 rounders I modified for the pistol.

110 Supers



110 Subs



225 Subs



All were 5 shot groups at 50 yards.  Point of aim for the subs was the heavy black cross at the top of the target.  The rifle was sighted in for the supers and that is how much POI difference there is between the two at 50 yards.  All of this is with about 100 rounds through the rifle.

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