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Documentary by yours truly


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Hello guys. Just giving you the heads-up on a documentary series I am working on. The first 2 episodes are all researched and ready to go. I just need to get a couple pieces of hardware and make a few interview arrangements. Most of the wait is getting the hardware.

The others I am still working on.

This is a historical series. The aim is to prove that people we were taught to believe were heroes were actually bad guys, that people we were taught to believe were bad guys were actually heroes, and that sources we think are entirely good or bad were actually an even mixture of both.

This series comes in 2 parts, "The good side of the Bad guys" and "The bad side of the good guys"

Though I will try to go back and fourth between the two in publishing them, the two DO NOT necessarily come in equal amounts.

Here's the current roster.

The good side of the bad guys

* He is said to be the worst barbarian of all time and the inspiration for one of history's most celebrated horror characters. He enslaved civic leaders, invaded neighboring countries and butchered tens of thousands of his own people by some of the most cruel methods known to man. Yet the very people he is said to have shown the most cruelty regard him as a hero. What could he have done to earn their gratitude in spite of his unspeakable cruelty. Find out in, "The good side of the bad guys: Vlad the Impaler.

* They bomb our buildings, cut our heads off, abuse their women and force radical religious ideals on civilization by force of arms. But they also founded the theory of the atom, discovered the use of antibodies in medicine and built a civilization of religious tolerance and human rights. How could this all come from the same people. Find out in, "The good side of the bad guys: Islam

* They terrorized the world for centuries, persecuted scientists and seekers of truth, holding back scientific progress and continue to sexually abuse our children to this day and have bled society dry of it's resources. Yet they also built many of our esteemed schools, universities, hospitals and charities, helped keep the cold war from going hot and have some of the strongest sexual laws and methods of preventing sexual abuse of any religion. How could this all come the same religion, and are all of it's famed atrocities even true? Find out in, "The good side of the bad guys: The Catholic Church

* They are a radical religion who murdered Jesus, control our finances and secretly conspire to take over the world and enslave humanity. Yet they are one of the few world religions that REQUIRES the use of evidence and reason, and founded our whole system of morality, liberty and human rights. How can this be. Find out in, "The good side of the bad guys: The Jews

* They are the great terror of the 20th century. They enslaved nearly half of the world and murdered hundreds of millions of people. Yet there was a time when they were guardians of freedom and human rights. Learn about it in, "The good side of the bad guys: Communists

* They are the most infamous small-arm of modern warfare. They are designed to penetrate police body armor and kill cops, maximize the chances of killing whoever they hit by causing maximum damage and are only ideal for the most sadistic murderers. But if this is all true, then why do the police carry them. Find out in, "The good side of the bad guys: Hollow points.

The bad side of the good guys

* He rescued a dieing nation, ended slavery and brought freedom and equality to all races by defeating the oppressive southern states. But the southern states were already trying to abolish slavery and were otherwise even more respectful of human rights then the north. What was his real reason for waging the bloodiest war in American history. Could the politician who became America's icon for liberty and equality have really been an oppressive monster? Find out in, "The bad side of the good guys: Abraham Lincoln

* They made life comfortable, gave us extraordinary medical understanding of the human body, made travel easier and taught the world to see things as they are. But the path to our current understanding of science has allot of dark corridors. Learn about them in, "The bad side of the good guys: Scientists

* They are the champions of reason. The proved religion a fantasy, brought us out of dark age thinking and pointed us in the direction of the future. But if this is all true, then why do they often behave strikingly similar to religious radicals. Find out in, "The bad side of the good guys: Darwinism

* They were founded on a dream of equality among all races. They stood up to racial oppression, fought courageously and defeated it, making that dream a reality. But why was that reality so short lived? Find out in, "The bad side of the good guys: The NAACP

* They are the true owners of America. They innocently lived by the laws of nature in lives of freedom and peace until interrupted by the abuses of the white man. But if this is all true, then why were they fighting amongst each other when the white man arrived. Find out in, "The bad side of the good guys: The Native Americans

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The ones about Vlad the Impaler and Abraham Lincoln are ready to go. They're just waiting on a couple pieces of computer hardware. There's a small chance I'll have it and be ready to start filming within the next 2 weeks.

Hay Mr. Robobot, I'm going to eventually need to interview (and possible seek the assistance of) a local LEO in the one about hollow points. This MAY include myself and/or the LEO shooting some 200gr 10mm black talons at a piece of police issue body armor at a firing range. If you're up for any of this, let me know.

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Brother MaDuce I told my daughter about you she has been involved with theater since 5Th grade recently graduated from Columbia majored in production and direction,How can she read your work?I knew you were not the average type and catch your drift.I knew there was a movie in the works <munch>.Shoot on bro.

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This isn't a movie. It's a non-partisan documentary series intended to debunk misconceptions about history.

It mostly consists of interviews, examination of old records, artifacts and verbal explanation.

My only complete and published book right now is very gruesome. I'm not sure how old your daughter is but it's not something I'd recommend to even an adolescent. My friend had me look after her teen-age daughter 2 Halloweens ago and she asked me to read it at her Halloween party. It traumatized a few people and half of them were male, one of them 17 years old. Don't get me wrong. It's not a mindless horror story. It's actually a pretty epic true story. My grandmother for one appreciated it. But it is DEFINITELY for mature audiences.

Most of my stories deal with epic struggles for survival and are written without regards for the social order (meaning, there's no holding back on graphic content. Consequently, they can be very rough for some people. I myself have been traumatically effected from the research phases of a couple stories. One I sent you a couple pieces of (Truckee Summit) has some incredibly messed up content in just about every way and on a back to back basis.

Unless your daughter is in her 20s or older, I am going to advise against her reading what I have published right now.

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I think I have the perfect guys for you. I have two friends that may be able to help in that. Both have 30+ years LE experience, significant SWAT training and large agency management skills (both were Lt's).

Of course id like to help out as much as possible.

Cool. I'm going to try and work on Hollow points and scientists together. It should be the second or 3rd round.

It takes allot of hard evidence to convince the general population that the man on the $5 bill was a tyrant, so the episode about Abraham Lincoln is pretty thoroughly scripted and will take a little while to film and assemble.

The episode about scientists is actually a walk in the park to prove, so there's not much to it. So basically, I MAY go straight to Hollow points as soon as the episode about Abraham Lincoln is finished. In the best case scenario, that's maybe a month out, but that's in the best case scenario.

If you guys DO commit, you might want to keep your eyes pealed for a set of body armor that's being put out of service for whatever reason. That is, if you want to test some black talons on it. I have a box of 200gr talons in 10mm Auto. You guys can do the shooting yourselves if you like. If you don't have a 10mm, I'll be willing to provide you guys with one.

The shooting phase is to show viewers how hollow points are intended to work. I'm also hoping to interview police about their choice of hollow points, why they prefer to use them and possibly some real-life accounts of hollow points making critical differences in deadly police or domestic shootings.

Before going to police, I am going to attempt to get an interview with the people who invented the black talon and learn a bit about it's purpose. The testing, interviews and demonstrations I am seeking help from police with will depend allot upon what the black talon's designers tell me about it's intended purposes, assuming I am able to reach them.

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Hey bro I'm from Chicago [before crossing the border]I have never sugar coated anything to my kids I have always called it the way I saw it and the way it was they realize that the world is a cold cruel shitty place but its all about family and together family will persevere.They know I wasn't always a nice guy I been to the dark side,gangbanger,ride with Hells Angels,they also know I'm not the same person I was when they came on the scene.I do not pull my punches.She is 25 and also writes,she recently received a Jeff award about a guy cheating on his wife with a goat...I have been very fortuneate to have met and continue to meet a very diverse group of people and the one thing we share regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds is we put our pants on one leg at a time.Shoot on bro. <munch>

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I carry the Sig P226 .40, but not by choice. It's the only auth pistol for duty.

My CCW varies on what I'm doing. Mostly a Walther PPK/s .380, or my .357 derringer. If I'm "in it" I carry my 1911.

I still have a bunch of .44 mag "Black Talon" rounds I use for Pig hunting. They fly real good from my Browning Mod92

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I spoke to the Major of Lake County Sheriffs and he was up on Sig 250 tried it at the gun show seems like it had a long trigger pull and long reset,XDM just the opposite the only con he had was roll pin on top of slide breaking will replace with a better pin from PRP its the striker retaining pin $12.00 for 3.Shoot on bro.

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Yep. I'm well aware that the police still carried rangers. I didn't know Sac county did though. I no longer remember what brought it on, but I've been under the impression all this time that you guys carry Hydra-Shocks.

In any case, it's better to use actual black talons in testing and then describe the difference (or lack thereof) in Rangers. I say this because there are going to be a bunch of nutbags out there who are going to say "it'd be different with the Teflon coating". You and I may see the logic, but this is for audiences of all levels of intelligence and maturity, so we need to be prepared to get things across to people who aren't very bright.

I'm a fan of the Sig Pro and am hoping to get my hands on one by mid summer. I'm going with 9mm though.

My 10mm is a one of a kind. Beretta 96FS Brigadier Inox. It's got a very nice trigger. Much like that on a S&W revolver. Recoil isn't as bad as you'd think.

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im really interested in your documentary. i love that stuff. what is the traumatizing published work you speak of? is it something i could find? love to check it out.

Truckee Summit involves cannibalism. In order to make sure I was putting things correctly, I looked up CSI photos of a Mexican serial killer's "shop of horrors". I almost wish I didn't. Just one of many examples. There's very little man has done in the past that he isn't still doing and if you look hard enough, you can find footage of almost all of it.

"In the End" was written using real events, real people and personal experience as a model. As much as 80% of the traumatic details seam so life-like because I'm writing from first hand experience. Don't confuse that with being a true story or involving real people or events. By model I mean looking at how things panned out for real, what people are really like and what it feels and seams like to go through various ordeals. The incident in the first chapter I posted where the story's main character is waken top a national crisis was done using my experience of the 1989 earth quake as a model, and the part when the soldiers board the plane was done using an incident when police boarded a bus I was on in search of some wanted criminal as a model. There was an incident when I was in my early 20s when someone pulled a gun on a friend of mine and I happened to see it coming out of the woods with a rifle on my shoulder. I never had to pull the trigger but it got very close to happening. An incident in an earlier chapter of that book was written, using that experience as a model to give the reader a picture of what it's like to actually be trapped in a situation like that and (in your mind) have to decide between two lives for real.

My focus as a story teller is to give the reader a real life sense of what it's like to experience the events. Think of Saving Private Ryan. In order to achieve that, you have to have a sense of what it's really like to go through things and know what actually happens in real life.

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