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Frog Lube


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok here goes a short review.

I have used it on all of my firearms and so far it is great. It lives up to its name. My dog ate some of it accidentally and he did not even giet sick. It lubes everything as it should. It cleans excellently after a long range session.

Now the test. I brought my Ruger 10/22 home from my childhood home. I packed it as I should have when I was 16, and well that was over 15 years ago. I got the rifle out and there was no rust on it, but the oil had coagulated in the action and all of the parts. I am trying this stuff to clean the rifle.

So far it has worked enough to loosen the action so that I can move it freely and it penetrated where the pins are to shake them free so that I could detail strip the gun. Now I am soaking all of the trigger parts in this stuff to break loose any gunk.

I will update tomorrow or the next day.

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Ok I have a report.

Before I begin I must say that I was using the wrong tool for the job.

Loking at my 10/22 after detail stripping it it was absolutely caked with oil. That oil was good that it protected my prized heirloom gun that I want to pass on to my kids one day.

The Good.

This stuff worked great in that it got about 80 percent of the oil off.

The bad

Being the clean freak gun owner that I am It did not clean the parts to the level that I wanted. I reassembled the rifle and ithe action was smooth, but it was not to the level of "factory new parts" clean.

The verdict

I would definitely will be using this stuff to clean and lubricate my firearms exclusively, but I will not expect it to dissolve the cosmolinesque gunk off of somewhat neglected firearms. As my 10/22 was sitting in the hard sided gun case that I put it in ten years ago in my mothers closet. This is great stuff. I can't say that enough.

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FYI a small shot of brake cleaner loosened up the hard stuff and it cleaned like a dream after it loosened up.

All I have to say is they don't make ruger 10/22s like this anymore.

The action was as smooth as glass.

Ruger if you are listening bring back the higher quality control that you used to have.

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My 10-22 mostly stock 4X32 on EGW rail w/Shooters Ridge 25rd mag,had thier 50rd's but follower cracked called them they said send them in they were redesigning 25's.Turned in 2 50's and they sent back 4 25's at no cost to me,great cust. serv..Pistol S&W 22A w/sightmark red dot.Hope 2012 is better for everyone.

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Depending on what you want to do to it for a project, you could probably build the whole thing instead.  Decent price for receivers is $130 from NoDak Spud.  I'll try to find the other place I was looking at that sells the factory Ruger bolts and trigger groups very cheap - I'll dig that up. 


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