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I am a newbie and I need help with my ORC


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I just bought this thing brand new about a month ago, I took it to the range today to fire it for the first time and it wouldn't fire.  The firing pin didn't seem like it was hitting the primer hard enough...I tried several different rounds and got the same result.  The pin was hardly making a mark on the primer compared to other guns I have and a couple times the trigger wouldnt even pull

I removed the upper and the buffer spring flung out and saw that the buffer retainer pin was laying in the trigger mechanism all mangled up and the retainer spring was nowhere to be found.  I must have been dumb and lost it when I installed the single point sling mount but didnt realize it.

My question is ( and this may sound dumb), would this cause the problem I was having with this thing not firing, I ordered a new retainer and spring for it but I'm still bummed about it not firing and want to know I don't have any other problems

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ok, there are others who can help more in depth, but, yes, shit can be f*#ked up. did you take out your trigger assembly, hammer, and inspect those parts? are the springs ok? since it wasn't striking the primer hard enough, you said, that would've been my interest cracking open the receivers. then you found what you did, and i would've been both pissed and a little relieved. now you have a source and you need to inspect. replace any parts that aren't up to snuff. since it was new/never shot, the things are super tight and need lots of lube, no joke, for at least maybe 100-200 rounds. i broke both mine in sopping wet and still lube them up before any use. if you need further help pics are going to be needed. good luck and welcome.

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i looked everything over and from what I could tell, everything seems okay and bushmaster did a good job of lubing this bad boy up thats for sure.  Once I get the new pin and spring in ill take it out and give it another try and if I still have problems ill start tearing it apart even more and pictures will be uploaded.

I appreciate the help!

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Yes, the buffer retainer can definitely cause a no-fire once it comes loose and gets hung up in the trigger group.  Definitely, it can cause a no-fire.

You installed a single point attachment.  When you removed the receiver extension to put that sling plate on, I'd betting that the receiver extension needed one more turn when you put it back on.  That's enough, right there, to let the buffer retainer loose (one turn less than needed).

I don't have pics, I haven't seen the mod of the single point adapter, but I'm betting that's what it is - it has happened to me.  With one particular brand of AR-15 lower I built, I thought I had it right, and this exact thing happened on the range - mangled the poop out of the spring, too.  I'd already built two others, already - sure enough, I checked them, and the receiver extensions needed one more turn.

Now, when I build, I'll screw that receiver extension in until it won't turn anymore - it contacts the buffer retainer.  From that point, I'll back it out just enough until it's lined up to mount the stock. 

FWIW, this can't happen with rifle stocks and rifle receiver extensions, only collapsible stocks and their receiver extensions. 

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I just fixed a rifle for a guy with the EXACT same issue. Buffer retainer all banged to hell, and spring completely gone. His was an AR15, so his selector detent spring was FUBAR also.

98 is most likely right (again :P ). Make sure the lip of your buffer tube isn't damaged and then just double check it's screwed in deep enough when you get your new parts. With luck, you'll only be out of pocket $4-$5 in parts.

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