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Bula Defense Systems XM21 #3.


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Happy Spring. Full cleaning and touch ups on one of my rifles. This is Bula Defense Systems XM21 ser #3. Bula barrel is a NM med weight 22" 1/10, trigger group is Bula as is the bolt and op rod. This is my " God Bless America" special  bedded in a McMillian M3A stock with Atlas bipod and USGI cotton sling. Scope is Night Force BEAST. Finished a full cleaning last night and epoxied the hand guard with Loctite EA 11C to the unitized,by me, Bula gas system . Whatta Hobby!





XM21 #3 1.jpg

XM21 #3.jpg

XM21 #3 3.jpg

XM21 #3 5.jpg

XM21 #3 6.jpg

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3 hours ago, shooterrex said:

Nice rifle.

Thanks, I have been nailing these things together for decades.  I wanted to thank you guys again for your assistance getting my .308 AR type purring. Whatta Hobby!

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Here is another for your viewing pleasure. This is Bula Forge and Machine XM21 , pre Bula Defense Systems.  This is the early one with the removable rail.  Again mostly Bula parts in a JAE chassis. Ultra Heavy Barrel, Shootingsight EBR trigger with lightened hammer. Atlas type bipod from China. Scope is another Night Force. This one is the ATACR 5-25. Last photo shows BF&M XM21 version and BDS XM21 side by side for comparison. The rifle in the JAE chassis is a consistent sub .75 moa shooter with 136 gn FB bullets over 45 gn of Varget in German surplus berdan primed cases. Whatta Hobby!





XM21 version 1 #3.jpg

XM21 version 1 #3 1.jpg

XM21 version 1 #3 2.jpg

XM21 version 1 #3 3.jpg

XM21s 1.jpg

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